Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is the practice of safeguarding buyers of goods and services, and the public, against unfair practices in the marketplace. Consumer protection measures are often established by law. Such laws are intended to prevent businesses from engaging in fraud or specified unfair practices in order to gain an advantage over competitors or to mislead consumers. They may also provide additional protection for the general public which may be impacted by a product (or its production) even when they are not the direct purchaser or consumer of that product. For example, government regulations may require businesses to disclose detailed information …

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EESC · 17 May 2022 English

©Shutterstock/Savvapanf Photo As we reach the end of this exercise in deliberative This one step was at times confusing, at times democracy, called the Conference on the Future of divisive …

involved in this field is so far rather consumer protection. limited. The EESC thus very much applauds better representation and take-up of European consumer protection, and a comprehensive, if time-consuming interests

PIAC · 17 May 2022 English

The deal is a ‘friendly’ takeover because both the buyers and the sellers want the deal to close; both the Rogers and the Shaw boards of directors have approved the …

that prioritizes economic efficiencies over consumer protection and other objectives.38 There have been many

CEPS · 16 May 2022 English

The Commission is thus fully informed of Moldova’s progress on all the chapters of the Association Agreement, which are virtually the same as for the accession process and are reviewed …

e-government progressing; weak cyber sector Consumer protection 1.5 Consumer rights frequently neglected

CSPI · 16 May 2022 English

Rationale: This question should be similar to the one answered by the 2020 DGAC—that is, “What is the relationship between types of dietary fat consumed and risk of cardiovascular disease?” …

labeling, and the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act. CSPI publishes Nutrition Action (NA)

13 May 2022 English


.... 45 Box V.1. Fijian Competition and Consumer Protection Policy Statement........................ policies, eliminating Fijian Competition and Consumer Protection Policy Statement restrictive trade practices exit, reducing The Fijian Competition and Consumer Protection Policy unnecessary government interventions agreements; Annex-2-FCCP-Fijian-Competition-and-Consumer-Protection-Policy-Statement- (b) a prohibition against the AEGC is supported by the Competition, Consumer Protection and competition laws of the AMS include IPR

EPRS · 11 May 2022

when relevant legislation was limited at Member State level, the directive aimed to improve consumer protection rules for financial services sold at a distance and to consolidate the internal market by aligning ex-post evaluation of the directive highlighted that it has been effective in strengthening consumer protection and largely remains relevant through its safety-net function. However, the overlap of its provisions

PPF · 11 May 2022 English

Purpose The protection of freedom of expression is premised upon fundamental principles and values – the value of the search for and attainment of truth, participation in social and political …

on Energy and Commerce Subcommittees on Consumer Protection 25 March 2015), online (pdf): https://docs

Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy · 6 May 2022 English

highlights the implications of each Innovations like open banking and digital innovation for individuals, organizations, currencies have the potential to generate and the economy and society more benefits for consumers …

statutory objective,” albeit with a concern for consumer protection.[48] Whether Australia has the right balance EUROPEAN UNION: TIGHTENING REGULATION FOR CONSUMER PROTECTION Legislators in the European Union recently

PPF · 6 May 2022 French

Plusieurs pays, dont la France et le Canada se sont dotés de lois pour empêcher que les élections soient influencées par des messages publicitaires politiques, le ciblage des utilisateurs et …

g/2021/08/1etter-acting-director-bureau-consumer-protection-samu el. 4 Craig Timberg, Facebook made big

Financial Stability Board · 2 May 2022 English

The next section outlines developments in the stock of EME external debt in the past decade, including the growth in the amount supplied by non-banks, as well as the vulnerabilities …

of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010). 9 See International Swaps and

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