Economic Geology

Economic geology is concerned with earth materials that can be used for economic and/or industrial purposes. These materials include precious and base metals, nonmetallic minerals and construction-grade stone. Economic geology is a subdiscipline of the geosciences; according to Lindgren (1933) it is “the application of geology”. Today, it may be called the scientific study of the Earth's sources of mineral raw materials and the practical application of the acquired knowledge. The term commonly refers to metallic mineral deposits and mineral resources. The techniques employed by other earth science disciplines (such as geochemistry, mineralogy, geophysics, petrology and structural geology) might all …



CIEL: Center for International Environmental Law · 15 November 2023 English

It codifies the requirements Such protections may also be found in regulations of the Convention on the Prevention of Marine surrounding the maintenance of fisheries, such as Pollution by Dumping …

” age/lcs-houston-ccs-concept/. Bureau of Economic Geology Gulf Coast Carbon Center, accessed May 2,

R Street Institute · 18 October 2023

For many individuals, LDV use is a part of their daily life, and one of the largest parts of their carbon footprint.15 The majority of the over 1.32 billion cars …

Negative Oil (NCNO) Classification,” Bureau of Economic Geology, April 2019.

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ORF research and analyses now available on Telegram! Click here to access our curated content ” blogs, longforms and interviews.

Agreement to coordinate and share data on economic geology and mineral demands and promote transparency

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Bottom Line Chinese firms are inching closer to billions of dollars worth of deals in Afghanistan in search of natural resources just two years after the United States exited from …

the time to consider mineral supply based on economic geology rather than merely geopolitics. The location

ORF: Observer Research Foundation · 6 June 2023 English

Task force 4– Refuelling Growth: Clean Energy and Green Transitions 1. The Challenge Risks of geographically concentrated critical minerals’ supply Given that there is no shortage of critical minerals worldwide, …

agreement, to coordinate and share data on economic geology and mineral demand needs and promote transparency

IISD: International Institute for Sustainable Development · 4 April 2023 English

Most of the metals considered critical for the energy transition and digital technologies are produced as co-products or by-products of various host metals.This brief explains how metals are produced and …

M., Shail, R. M., & mn. (2022). Bismuth: Economic geology and value chains. Ore Geology Reviews, 143

NWMO: Nuclear Waste Management Organization · 21 February 2023 English

The objective of the Geological Integration Report is to summarize all findings and provide an initial interpretation of the lithological and structural characteristics of the geosphere intersected by borehole IG_BH03, …

volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits. Economic Geology 96, 957-972. Le Bas, M.J., Streckeisen, A Lake prospect, Western Tasmania, Australia. Economic Geology 99, 987-1002. Winchester, J.A., Floyd, P.A

Baker Institute for Public Policy · 13 February 2023 English

Department of Energy, Office of International Policy and Affairs Award for “Shale Gas and US National Security” (2011): $100,000 3 Publications Peer-reviewed “The Texas Deep Freeze of February 2021: What …

of Oklahoma, University of Texas-Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas- Hildebrand School of

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