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Hebrew (עִבְרִית‎, Ivrit , IPA: [ivˈʁit] or [ʕivˈɾit]) is a Northwest Semitic language native to Israel. In 2013, Modern Hebrew was spoken by over nine million people worldwide. Historically, it is regarded as the language of the Israelites, Judeans and their ancestors; however, the language was not referred to by the name "Hebrew" in the Tanakh itself. Mishnah Gitin 9:8 refers to the language as Ivrit meaning Hebrew, however Mishnah Megillah refers to the Hebrew language as Ashurit meaning Assyrian, which is a metonym derived from the name of the alphabet in contrast to Ivrit meaning the paleo-Hebrew alphabet . …



NBER: National Bureau of Economic Research · 22 June 2023 English

This study investigates empirically whether and how the use of gender-neutral language affects the performance of women and men in real high-stakes exams. We make use of a natural experiment …

masculine is spelled and pronounced anu. 6 The Hebrew Language Academy: https://hebrew-academy.org.il/201 Tamar, and Tali Regev (2021b), “Does the Hebrew Language fail women? Results from five experiments

Shoresh: Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research · 7 June 2023 English

The more widespread this phenomenon, the lower the inequality in education in the children’s generation than in the parents’ generation. [...] 6 The average of the leading countries was calculated …

CBS data Hebrew speakers Arabic speakers and Hebrew-language pupils’ self- 16% 13% reporting, the gaps for

IDI: Israel Democracy Institute · 2 May 2023 English

The last decade has seen several systemic and structural changes in ultra- Orthodox education, including the establishment of the Haredi Department in the Ministry of Education and of the State-Haredi …

Ultra-Orthodox education now constitutes 25.5% of the Hebrew- language (Jewish) education system in Israel, and 19 the compulsory education law. Students in Hebrew-language education, by category of Ministry of Education

AQE: Alliance for Quality Education · 1 April 2023 English

Charter Enrollment Declines New York City Charter Schools Requesting an Enrollment Decrease Revision Enrollment Enrollment School Name Approved Revision Change % Change Date Minutes Brownsville Collegiate Charter School 432 85 …

of Harlem 240 200 -40 -17% 2022-03-24 Link Hebrew Language Academy Charter School 783 650 -133 -17% 2022-03-31

M-RCBG: Mossaver-Rahmani Center for Business & Government, Harvard Kennedy School · 8 January 2023 English

These programs are based on the principles of nonformal education and include processes of empowerment and consolidation of personal and national identity, preparation for the encounter with Israeli society, assistance …

narrative. • Increased proficiency in the Hebrew language is a necessary condition for successful integration course for the psychometric exams and the Yael Hebrew-language exam, free public transportation, and food)

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation · 2023 English

the digital means used in the revival of the Hebrew language and its adoption as a lingua franca, as well

IIIS: Rasanah, The International Institute for Iranian Studies · 2023 English

purchase Palestinian land, spreading the Hebrew language and literature, and publishing educational tion, in 1914, the Society for Teaching the Hebrew Language was founded in the city of Hamedan. The first

ILKE: Foundation for Science, Culture and Education · 2023 English

culture Al- Quds 31 of this land, even in Hebrew language. For example, you find Israelis promote “Falafel”

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