Imprisonment (from imprison, via French emprisonner, originally from Latin prensio, arrest, from prehendere, prendere, "to seize") in law is the specific state of being physically incarcerated or confined in an institutional setting such as a prison. Courts of the United States, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have recognized that the minimum period in an indeterminate sentence that was actually imposed by a court of law is the official term of imprisonment. In other words, any "street time" (e.g., probation, parole, or supervised release) that was ordered by the court as part of the defendant's punishment does not constitute term of …



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Progress and the Peril: HIV and Global De/criminalization of Same-Sex Sex documents the reversal on laws criminalizing same-sex sex in the context of the HIV pandemic. The joint report by …

Article 212 is punishable by up to two years imprisonment. Article 212 of the new Penal Code failed to Crime Act 1969.177 These were punishable with imprisonment up to 10 years. Subsequently, the 2013 Crimes same-sex conduct and making it punishable with imprisonment for up to six months and a fine of up to 5 individuals as an “unnatural offense” punishable by imprisonment of up to 10 years.197 The provision became consensual adult sex could be punished with imprisonment for 15 years. For the offense of serious indecency

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Around the world, those defending abortion rights are under attack, including activists, advocates, educators, clinic escorts, accompaniers, doulas, and healthcare workers. They are exposed to stigmatization, physical and verbal attacks, …

care, police interrogation, prosecution and imprisonment.68 For example, in the USA, a woman from South

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Recipient’s exclusive economic zone may not include imprisonment, in the absence of agreements to the contrary

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A year after Qatar hosted the FIFA World Cup 2022, this briefing looks at the legacy the tournament has left for the rights of migrant workers in the country, and …


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This is a submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders in response to the call for input to inform the thematic report on the …

Kamile has now been sentenced to three years’ imprisonment under the charge of “promoting extremism” and to a terrorist group and sentenced to life imprisonment in his absence in a grossly unfair trial by monarchy. The law allows for up to 15 years of imprisonment, if convicted. In one case, a 15-year-old child her. If convicted, she may face up to life imprisonment. 3.5 PHILIPPINES Amnesty International

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labor or service is punishable by rigorous imprisonment ranging from 7 years to 15 years and a fine

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Despite Nigeria’s ratification of human rights treaties and commitments at international and regional level and accompanying obligations to respect, protect, promote and fulfil human rights, the country continues to face …

Association of Nigeria, was sentenced to 24 years’ imprisonment under criminal charges for “breaching the peace” throughout the period of their detention or imprisonment. zEnsure that the interrogation of all suspects more effective in reducing crime than terms of imprisonment. 94 Amnesty International Nigeria: Not A Quick zCommute all death sentences to terms of imprisonment. zAbolish the death penalty for all crimes

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The event focused on the cybersecurity, not the kinetic, aspects of the conflict between Taiwan and China.2 As the title suggests, panelists leveraged lessons from Russia’s February 2022 invasion of …

campaigns; • Threats to family members or friends of imprisonment; Cyberdefending Taiwan 23 • Harassment, when

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He also ordered the confiscation of Haydara’s property, the arrest of Haydara’s family, and the closure of all Baha’i institutions and forums in Yemen.29 Since Haydara’s trial, Rajeh has continued …

Marhabi’s father have since died during his imprisonment.61 As for his physical well-being, the U.S. “deal” with Haboub, in order to exploit Libi’s imprisonment to rid Yemen of its last few remaining Jews

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offshore structures, to conceal the real shareholders of the selected companies, which later The first such case pointing to the systemic nature of turned out to be founded and owned …

associates were convicted of extortion, money imprisonment (the Diplomat 2023b). laundering, misappropriating ranked was sentenced to six and a half years imprisonment Uzbekistan 137 out of 180 countries with a score

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