The Kyrgyz people (also spelled Kyrghyz, Kirgiz, and Kirghiz) are a Turkic ethnic group native to Central Asia, primarily Kyrgyzstan.

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World Bank Group · 24 September 2021 English

The Kyrgyz Republic is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the southwest, and China to the east. A wide variety of natural hazards also …


PRIF · 27 January 2021 English

Internatio- nal observers and civil society organizations (CSOs) expressed concerns over the misuse of administrati- ve resources during the campaign, major differences in the campaign funds of the presidential candidates, …

Covid-19 pandemic, have marked recent developments in Kyrgyzs tan. On 10 January, nationalist Sadyr Japarov won Similar to many other countries around the world, Kyrgyzs tan is also facing a backlash against democracy

ECMI · 18 January 2021 English

In the most recent of Denmark´s State Reports concerning the implementation of the FCNM (Fifth monitoring cycle; date of reception: 2 April 2019) the view concerning the unique status of …

as a sign of respect for a “titular nation of Kyrgyzs, who form the statehood of the country” (Vesti Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Ukrainians, Czechs, Chechens, Kyrgyzs, and Yakuts. Available from: https://assembly-kg

IAMO · 21 December 2020 English

Another project specific digital innovations for producers, but also the used to mould agricultural politics within the Kosovo re- benefit for the consumer with regard to product informa- gion addresses …

ion, the SFK Insurance (Kazakhstan), the Jubilee Kyrgyzs- dialogue with key players in business, politics

3IE · 8 December 2020 English

We then ran three moderator analyses on these results to detect whether the thethe relationship between interventions and social cohesion was affected by : 1) the risk of bias level …

IE + 2 success contact // collaborative contact Kyrgyzs // Willingness to are likely deeply entrenched

SIPRI · 22 October 2020 English

The edition also provides an in-depth analysis of the current acute stage of arms control, primarily in the fi eld of strategic off ensive arms, problems of nuclear nonproliferation in …

of divided peoples – Tajiks, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Kyrgyzs, and others. Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU)

WHO · 11 October 2020 English

28 p.

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The Centre for East European and International Studies · 31 August 2020 English

The focus shifted to the development of a shared Kazakhstani identity and Kazakhstani patriotism as the primary purpose of the ANK, with the Kazakh language and culture now assigned a …

49,007 0.3 31,431 0.2 31,974 0.19 33,507 0.18 Kyrgyzs 13,718 0.1 23,274 0.1 29,803 0.18 N / A N / A Bashkirs e. 1.6 % of the former capital’s total popula- Kyrgyzs 8,738 0.47 tion and 10.6 % of the population group

ERIA · 3 December 2019 English

Government of Kazakhstan (2018), ‘Improvement of Mechanisms for Attracting Investments to the Republic of Kazakhstan and Promotion of Investment Image of the Republic of Kazakhstan,’ Kazakh Invest, National Company for …

Tariffs Code Arme Belar Kazakhs Kyrgyzs Russi Armen Belaru Kazakhs Kyrgyzs Russia 2017 nia us tan tan a

ERIA · 15 October 2019 English

ERIA Research Project, FTA, Cambodia

Tariffs Code Arme Belar Kazakhs Kyrgyzs Russi Armen Belaru Kazakhs Kyrgyzs Russia 2017 nia us tan tan a

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