The term landslide or less frequently, landslip, refers to several forms of mass wasting that may include a wide range of ground movements, such as rockfalls, deep-seated slope failures, mudflows, and debris flows. However, influential narrower definitions restrict landslides to slumps and translational slides in rock and regolith, not involving fluidisation. This excludes falls, topples, lateral spreads, and mass flows from the definition.Landslides occur in a variety of environments, characterized by either steep or gentle slope gradients, from mountain ranges to coastal cliffs or even underwater, in which case they are called submarine landslides. Gravity is the primary driving force …



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water-logging, poor drainage, excessive erosion, landslides, unstable side slopes, and roads running along

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water option and toilets damaged by fire a nd landslides under the budg et of Miscellaneous for Imme diate

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Ntahangwa and Nyabagere rivers are at high risk from landslides, mainly along the rivers, and gullying at the

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including typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and landslides. DepEd data shows that there is an increasing

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Climate change is expected to exacerbate poverty across the globe, particularly for the poorestcountries. Extreme weather events are expected to become more frequent and more harmful.There is limited evidence suggesting …

also more likely to experience earthquakes and landslides. Hazard events, when combined with vulnerability

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the vulnerable living in informal settlements, landslides and loss of assets. SP has about 1,500 informal

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Health care systems must be prepared to address the expanding and complex needs of an aging population. Rather than a “silver challenge,” this situation should be seen as an opportunity …

and intensity of heat stress, flooding, and landslides (World Bank 2022a). This increase in natural

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natural hazards such as droughts, floods, and landslides. Household food insecurity was high, fluctuated

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as two typhoons, the COVID pandemic, and three landslides (between 2017 and 2021) occurred in the later lack of counterpart funds for resettlement, landslides, and a pandemic. Success factors include close with GoV leadership when needed, etc. For the landslides, the COVID-19 pandemic, and double-digit inflation

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Bank Financing Emergency project on Baikazin landslides stabilization October 20, 2003 December 1

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