Nauruans are a nation and an ethnic group indigenous to the Pacific island country of Nauru. They are most likely a blend of Micronesian, Melanesian and Polynesian ancestry. The origin of the Nauruan people has not yet been finally determined. It was probably seafaring or shipwrecked Polynesians or Melanesians, who established themselves there because there was not already an indigenous population present, whereas the Micronesians were already crossed with the Melanesians in this area. The Nauruans have two elements of their population: the native Micronesians and the Polynesians who had immigrated long before. The Micronesians are represented through coarse, dark …



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For example, Tonga is a monarchy, standing systems of government in PICs, including the following: so all land and water sources are owned by the Crown/State; the (i) degrees of …

Most of Nauru's needs are imported. GDP was All Nauruans have access to improved drinking water (Table population accessing regular and safe drinking Nauruans" existing before the commencement of the Act shall to be no capacity to monitor water quality, so Nauruans rely on the quality of the de- Aligned with the relating to the institutions, customs and usages of Nauruans, and Infrastructure Act 2019: Contains a transitional environment in Tuvalu from waste and pollu- involves Nauruans and Pacifi c Islanders.” tion. It safeguards the

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Data Report aims to consolidate the latest evidence on the migration landscape in the region in 2021, mainly through the The Asia–Pacific Migration Data Report 2021 outlines the lenses of …

population (World Bank, 2021). The majority of Nauruans (Eckstein et al., 2021). China is projected to

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Early and decisive measures successfully prevented an outbreak of COVID-19 in Nauru, and as of January 2022 there have been no COVID-19 cases on the island. Strong pandemic policy measures …

the local labor force, a significant number of Nauruans could be at risk of long-term job loss under enduring changes to the tax code. In a context where most Nauruans have not previously paid taxes, the authorities

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We will focus on the defences of necessity and consent, codified in the International Law Commission’s (“ILC”) Articles on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts (“ARS”).5 We will …

whole. It noted that the record showed that the Nauruans wished to maintain their claim, and that the treaty

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41 p.Contains statements delivered on the morning of 23 Sept. 2021, at the 10th meeting of the General Assembly (A/76/PV.10).

domaines d’investissement clefs pour que les jeunes Nauruans bénéficient d’une éducation de qualité accessible

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The bill retroactively justified182 actions taken during the MV Tampa Australian policymakers to incident, and created legal pathways to halt future boat arrivals, an issue which discuss the “margins” of …

First World War, and maintained control until Nauruans claimed their independence in 1968. During this

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Border Externalization: The enactment of domestic policies and bilateral/multilateral agreements that successfully enlist other countries, usually countries in the periphery of the State in question, in processing asylum seekers and …

First World War, and maintained control until Nauruans claimed their independence in 1968. During this

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From design to use: Studying app infrastructures and their shaping of migrants’ practices of navigation Olga Usachova (University of Padua) Taking into account the increasing reliance on the digital technology …

tropes of savagery remain commonplace depictions of Nauruans, whereas the voices of asylum seekers and refugees

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The United Nations has now recognized that intercommunity tensions and conflicts are serious threats to the peace and stability of a region and go beyond the exclusive concern of the …

goods (including food that only those born of Nauruans, or of Nauru- and, occasionally, water), the largest

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Kiribati, found northeast of Australia and south of the for instance, features as one of the most remote and equator, and includes Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon geographically dispersed countries in …

signed the offshore detention deal with While Nauruans generally enjoy political rights and Australia

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