Neocolonialism is the practice of using economics, globalisation, cultural imperialism and conditional aid to influence a country instead of the previous colonial methods of direct military control (imperialism) or indirect political control (hegemony). Neocolonialism differs from standard globalisation and development aid in that it typically results in a relationship of dependence, subservience, or financial obligation towards the neocolonialist nation. This may result in an undue degree of political control or spiraling debt obligations, functionally imitating the relationship of traditional colonialism. Coined by the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre in 1956, it was first used by Kwame Nkrumah in the context of …



SWP: Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik · 23 May 2024 English

In contrast, we need to strengthen our exchanges with the so-called Global South, and in particular with African partners, in order to forge global partnerships – to defend our shared …

will play into an anti- Western narrative of “neocolonialism” and also be fuelled by Russian disinformation

CEIP: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace · 20 May 2024 English

The revival of the concept signals enduring frustration with inequalities embedded in the global order.

colonization by other means, resulting in an era of neocolonialism. Finally, Oglesby’s writing built on (and referenced) vision than dependency theory and critiques of neocolonialism, the resurgence of the Global South is at best

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In the long tradition of understanding the key policy issues of the day through a political economy lens, the primer is the outcome of an internal seminar and learning series, …

and resources. Given the relationship between neocolonialism, unequal exchange, the international division

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critiques occidentales à le Senior Fellow Paul Isbell examine les points de l’égard de la Chine, accusée de pratiques de piégeage par convergence et de complémentarité entre le réalisme et la dette et de néocolonialisme

The Impact of Chinese Investments in Africa: Neocolonialism or Cooperation? The Brazilian Economy’s Double

SWP: Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik · 5 April 2024

Pedersen On the attack on the diplomatic premises of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus UN-OSES, 02.04.2024 syria-mr-geir-o-pedersen-attack-diplomatic Seite 12 von 30 . [...] Zurück zum Inhaltsverzeichnis > Irak …

: - The Energy Transition in North Africa: Neocolonialism Again! / Hamza Hamouchene - An Unjust Transition:

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Introduction In its normative form, development cooperation, also known as development partnership, involves the creation of a cooperative framework for the “promotion of social and economic development of developing countries”. …

diplomatic tool can be viewed through the lens of neocolonialism—as perpetuating power imbalances, with donor transparency and accountability. The spectre of neocolonialism often looms over the exchange of aid, with

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COMMENTARY The 1945-1990 Cold War era was characterised by the division of the world into two competing blocs led by the United States and the Soviet Union. [...] As countries … https://www

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4 1 PARTENARIAT UE-UA SUR LA PAIX, LA SÉCURITÉ ET LA GOUVERNANCE 1.1 Aperçu des relations UE-UA en matière 14 opérations de consolidation de la paix dans 18 pays de …

Combinée à des accusations de des structures de gouvernance afin de permettre le retour de néocolonialisme, cette situation

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues · 22 March 2024 French

Les experts ont noté que ces exemples montrent que les peuples autochtones doivent être des partenaires et pas seulement des bénéficiaires de ces projets, en leur donnant la parole et …

Les entreprises devraient éviter de soutenir toute solution inadaptée qui encourage le système du colonialisme et du néocolonialisme

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From altering weather patterns in the form of more frequent and intense droughts, hurricanes, floods, storms and wildfires, to negative impacts on physical and mental health, to diminishing access to …

coloniality occurs where Eurocentric hegemony, neocolonialism, racial capitalism, uneven consumption, 6 and

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