In chemistry, an alkene is a hydrocarbon that contains a carbon–carbon double bond.The term is often used as synonym of olefin, that is, any hydrocarbon containing one or more double bonds. However, the IUPAC recommends using the name "alkene" only for acyclic hydrocarbons with just one double bond; alkadiene, alkatriene, etc., or polyene for acyclic hydrocarbons with two or more double bonds; cycloalkene, cycloalkadiene, etc. for cyclic ones; and "olefin" for the general class — cyclic or acyclic, with one or more double bonds.Acyclic alkenes, with only one double bond and no other functional groups (also known as mono-enes) form …



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Renewable energy

pharmaceuticals. “High-value chemicals” (HVCs), such as olefins (principally ethylene, propylene and butadiene) Cracking Primary petrochemicals Aromatics Pygas Olefins Synthesis Gas Xylene Toluene Benzene Ethylene Propylene and key chemicals like ammonia, methanol, and olefins – are still negligible. Similarly, sustainable

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On top of this, there is the embedded fossil carbon inside chemical products, some of which is released to the atmosphere at the end of life of the products. [...] …

plastic polymer, via methanol and a methanol to olefins process. Assuming all heat requirements are met

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tic or thermal polymer­ isation of dienes and olefins of the aliphatic, alicyclic and/or mono­ benzenoidarylalkene

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On the path to climate neutrality, global production locations and trade patterns of basic materials might change due to the heterogeneous availability of renewable electricity. Here we estimate the ‘renewables …

via the hydrogenation of CO2 and methanol-to-olefins (MtO). Where several sources are available for other countries: ammonia, methanol and light olefins. Renew. Sustain. Energy Rev. 68, 1205–1212 (2017)

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Plastics show the strongest production growth of all bulk materials over the last decade. The industry’s current growth trajectory is exponential and plastic production is expected to double or triple …

high-density polyethylene, LAO = linear alpha olefins, LDPE = low-density polyethylene, LLDPE = linear copolymerization of ethylene with longer-chain alpha-olefins [43]. Figure 6 shows the production flow chart MTO = methanol-to-olefin, LAO = linear alpha-olefins, H2 = hydrogen, LLDPE = linear low-density polyethylene 1 In 2020, global production of linear alpha olefins (LAOs) was estimated at around 5.76 Mt, of which MTO = methanol-to-olefin, LAO = linear alpha-olefins, H2 = hydrogen, HDPE = high-density polyethylene

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Slide show of the winners of the 7th Patent Awards Luncheon. First slide is the overall list.

Utilizing Carbon Dioxide for the Epoxidation of Olefins Maurice A. Martin 10,574,817: Method of Using Call Utilizing Carbon Dioxide for the Epoxidation of Olefins 11,413,572: Method for emissions control in solvent-based

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Making chemicals without oil and gas

can produce methanol. Established methanol-to-olefins or methanol-to-aromatics production routes can

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The invasion of Ukraine, the subsequent energy crisis, the shortage risks for raw materials, and the limits of the supply chains needed to deliver the clean technologies are key challenges …

Crude oil refining: Almost 50% of all hydrogen to olefins). Methanol and its derivatives are also used produced high on the list of sulphur, nitrogen, oxygen, olefins, and heavy metals applications for clean hydrogen

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The Plastics Life Cycle removal of plastics from the environment and the Begins with the Extraction remediation of contaminated ecosystems.3 and Refining of the Raw This approach to the full …

monomers and chemicals refinery-sourced and chemicals olefins and propylene oxide, nitrile butadiene, aromatics Liquid Oil Products, Methanol, Refinery-Sourced Olefins and Aromatics, C4 and BTX, have other multiple

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Globally, save for the few developed to give the energy density required years of the pandemic, air travel is expected to for most commercial flights in the timescale continue to …

isomerisation. Sugar and Fermentation Higher starch olefins Fermentation Alcohols Dehydration + oligomerisation see section 3.7). Moreover, rings). Alkenes (or olefins, unsaturated chains) are not local air quality change msw Municipal solid waste mto Methanol to olefins NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research NDC

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