Omanis (Arabic: الشعب العماني‎) are the nationals of Oman. Omanis have inhabited the territory that is now Oman for thousands of years. In the eighteenth century, an alliance of traders and rulers transformed Muscat (Oman's capital) into the leading port of the Persian Gulf. Omani people are ethnically diverse; the Omani citizen population consists of many different ethnic groups. The majority of the population consists of Arabs, with many of these Arabs being Swahili language speakers and returnees from the Swahili Coast, particularly Zanzibar. Additionally, there are ethnic Balochis, Lurs, Persians and Mehri. There are also Omanis from South Asia …



IMF: International Monetary Fund · 13 June 2024 English

Oman’s potential nonhydrocarbon real GDP growth has trended downward since the global financial crisis, with a negative contribution from total factor productivity. This paper estimates productivity gains associated with structural …

public sector has been a desirable destination for Omanis. The wage differential between public and private private sector wages and benefits to incentivize Omanis to work in the private sector, with positive implications the labor market and improve competition between Omanis and expatriate workers. This incentivizes upskilling mismatches in the labor market and encourage young Omanis to pursue technology and science-related majors

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So what we are seeing is that there is a lot of continued interest despite the challenges and, you know, in terms of what are the key features, I think …

being built by Saudi Arabia or by the UAE or by the Omanis and so on and so forth. So, you know, there is

WHO: World Health Organization · 1 April 2024 English

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estimated that 38.5% of the residents of Oman are non-Omanis, most are males between the ages of 29 and 50 years facilities. Private hospitals often refer non-Omanis with complicated conditions to MoH hospitals, high-quality MoH services are essentially free for Omanis. At the same time, expatriates visit private-sector which can be considered complementary insurance for Omanis. The low out-of-pocket expenditure indicates high aimed at ensuring a fixed proportion of Omanis to non- Omanis in the workforce. In the medical sector

UN: The United Nations · 26 February 2024 English

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which specifically addresses the marriage of Omanis to foreigners. It also notes the executive regulation

CMS: Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals · 30 January 2024 English

These include the African Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement (covering about half the countries), the CMS CAF Action Plan for the Conservation of Migratory Waterbirds and their Habitats (covering all the …

populations into the CAF. Capacity building of young Omanis to conduct the annual International Waterbird Census

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documentary heritage in Oman. He shared the history of Omanis' dedication and passion for creating and maintaining

UNESCO: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation · 2024 English

though it was controlled by the Arabs and the Omanis from the seventh century. But we cannot talk about

FPRI: Foreign Policy Research Institute · 22 December 2023 English

Following Prussia’s crushing defeat at Jena-Auerstedt in October 1806, Carl von Clausewitz became a prisoner of the French at the Chateau de Coppet. There he

appeal. The slogan formulated by the British and Omanis was “Islam is our way, Freedom is our aim.” In

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Expatriates make up a high proportion of the total population in the GCC countries4 and have even outnumbered nationals in many of these countries, accounting for an average of 70 …

all categories, etc, have also been restricted to Omanis. 111 Zawya (2021), Expats Banned from Several Job

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Lebanon is sliding into "failed state" status. The country has been limping along with a weak interim executive while the presidency has been vacant for over six months. A full …

between Riyadh and Tehran, midwifed variously by the Omanis, Iraqis, and Chinese, was welcomed in many capitals

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