Rapid Deployment Forces

The Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force (RDJTF) is an inactive United States Department of Defense Joint Task Force. It was first envisioned as a three-division force in 1979 as the Rapid Deployment Force, or RDF, a highly mobile force that could be rapidly moved to locations outside the normal overseas deployments in Europe and Korea. Its charter was expanded and greatly strengthened in 1980 as the RDJTF. It was inactivated in 1983, and re-organized as the United States Central Command (USCENTCOM). After the end of the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War, U.S. attention gradually focused on the Persian …



CAPS: Centre for Air Power Studies · 1 October 2022 English

the physicist today is of the view that the nature of the sub-atomic world is such that it is uncertain and exists in a condition of duality.13 it is further …

Secretary of Defence Harold Brown spoke of rapid deployment forces, described the initial programmes for enhancing

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national security services of Kyrgyzstan and rapid deployment forces. That was evident from the order refusing

IAI: Istituto Affari Internazionali · 17 January 2022 English

A new environment for a common European defence policy In the light of the present, unexpected acceleration of the debate on a Common Defence Policy, some factors of news have …

from intelligence to strategic lift, from rapid deployment forces to higher investments in R&D. More in general

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For example, the Reflection Group (on institutional reform of the Intergovernmental Conference in 1996 prior to the signing of the Amsterdam Treaty) offered four different possibilities for the relationship between …

from intelligence to strategic lift, from rapid deployment forces to higher investments in R&D. In both cases

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IAI Director, Gianni Bonvicini, concurred as to the seriousness of the problems about to be discussed, and proceeded to describe the seminar in the context of the research activities of …

Force reduction could be compensated by rapid deployment forces in the contributing countries, maintaining

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This assessment of the significance of the Southern flank was shared by the Soviets regardless of the fact that for the first time since the Crimean War Russia faced not …

infantry would form the core of Russian rapid deployment forces. These doctrinal innovations seem to justify

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These concepts changed from outside threats through the Strait of Hormuz to the increased territorial disputes within the the region, of which,·the Kuwait Crisis of 1990-91 brought the outside military …

attack. Also, the EUROFOR and EUROMARFOR rapid deployment forces for humanitarian missions or peacekeeping

IAI: Istituto Affari Internazionali · 19 November 2021

It has also given rise to a substantial school of historiography exploring the role of Southern Europe as both a bridge and a barrier in geopolitical terms.3 Echoes of this …

some cases, trying to create effective rapid deployment forces, are generally -18- incapable of military

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page 2 The East-West Dimension in the Mediterranean Although always on the fringes of Western allied security concerns, it was of course in the Mediterranean that the communist menace in …

Drawing on the experience of national rapid deployment forces NATO planners should look to strengthen

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in the region; b) because of oil, there is a North-South conflict between the majority of the Arab countries and all of the European countries even though, admittedly, the Southern …

of lending " facilities " destined for Rapid Deployment Forces. This american reinforcement has improved

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