Teletex was an ITU-T specification for a text and document communications service that could be provided over telephone lines. Teletex allowed for the transmission and routing of Group 4 facsimile documents. It was rapidly superseded by e-mail but the name Teletex lives on in several of the X.500 standard attributes used in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.



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NA 5030 HIS

„Einbeziehung neuer Telekommunikationsformen (Teletex, Bildschirmtext, elektronische Post)" zu berücksichtigen S. 4-8. 102 Vgl. Ebd., S. 8, dort auch Zitat. Teletex (sie!) war erneuerter Standard für die Fernschreiber-

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The response of the Egypt{ari Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Industry was most appreciative of the choice of Egypt as venue for such an international meeting, given the Arab and …

scribe'r s and foster the rapid development of the teletex service. Thanks to the entry into operation of

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▪ Streamline the refund system • The Finance Bill seeks to amend the ADR Committee and process by FBR to improve the credibility and efficacy of the ADR. [...] The …

Water/Distillery 0.46 132 Music Instruments 0.69 Pro 83 Tv Teletex Decoder 0.27 108 Silver 0.46 133 Latex 0.7 84 Other

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EuroVoc is a multilingual thesaurus which was originally built up specifically for processing the documentary information of the EU institutions. It is a multidisciplinary thesaurus covering fields which are sufficiently …

teletekstsystem NT3 interaktivt tekst-tv NT3 tekst-tv NT2 teletex NT2 telex NT2 videokommunikation NT3 videoovervågning

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In Venezuela, the majority Criticism of Authorities: A remarkable 47 of the of blocking activity pertained to information about 65 countries assessed censored criticism of the the black-market dollar exchange …

Starting in the 1970s, France began developing Teletex and Videotex technologies, leading to the introduction

Freedom House · 2 December 2014 English

Fifth edition of Freedom on the Net, covering internet freedom developments between May 2013 and May 2014 in 65 countries around the world

Starting in the 1970s, France began developing Teletex and Videotex technologies, leading to the introduction

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This report summarises and extends the work done for the task force on IoT terminated in 2012. In response to DG CNECT request, the JRC studied this emergent technology following …

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Paid progovernment commentators manipulate online discussions: Already evident in a number of countries assessed in the previous edition of Freedom of the Net, the phenomenon of paid progovernment commentators has …

Starting in the 1970s, France began developing Teletex and Videotex technologies, leading to the introduction

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This Yearbook, which chronicles the activities of the Representative and the Office throughout the year, is a valuable addition to the public’s understanding of the role of free media. [...] …

production and sale of audio and visual works, offering teletex and other services.75 The Law on PB System provides

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Im Verlauf der letzten Jahre haben sich die technischen Möglichkeiten der Kommunikation und die Vielfalt der Kommunikationsmedien in einem Maße erweitert, welches insbesondere in Unternehmen nach einer Organisation der Kommunikation …

Übertragungsnetz. So werden im ISDN-Netz Telefon, Telefax, Teletex, Bild- telefonie und Datenübermittlung integriert netz. So werden im ISDN-Netz Telefon, Telefax, Teletex, Bildtelefonie und Datenübermittlung integriert

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