A village is a clustered human settlement or community, larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town (although the word is often used to describe both hamlets and smaller towns), with a population typically ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand. Though villages are often located in rural areas, the term urban village is also applied to certain urban neighborhoods. Villages are normally permanent, with fixed dwellings; however, transient villages can occur. Further, the dwellings of a village are fairly close to one another, not scattered broadly over the landscape, as a dispersed settlement. In the past, …



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This report systematizes the implementation process, challenges, learnings, and results of complete street interventions in eight cities from different regions of Brazil.

generally presenting an irregular pattern. Other villages, such as Salvador and São Luiz do Maranhão, were

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as More Urban, Walkable, and Mixed-Use Places 7 The 15-Minute Neighborhood and San José’s Urban Villages 13 The Context for Pursuing a Pedestrian-Friendly, Mixed-Use Land Strategy in San José 19 Strategies preservation and improvement of existing residential neighborhoods, and the creation of new, vibrant urban villages. [...] THE 15-MINUTE NEIGHBORHOOD 14 Data Tell a Story of Inequality and Its Underpinnings in San

The 15-Minute Neighborhood and San José’s Urban Villages 13 The Context for Pursuing a Pedestrian-Friendly land use strategy. The city would build “urban villages” that emphasize livability, affordability, and points. Yet for a variety of reasons, few of the villages called for in the Envision San José 2040 General and evaluating actions to implement its urban villages. After convening a cross-sector working group 15-minute neighborhood and San José’s planned urban villages, which embrace the 15-minute neighborhood’s aims

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Renewable energy

Mini-grid O&M hub lit using solar PV in Zanzan villages, Cote d’Ivoire (© AZIMUT 360 SCCL). GRID EXTENSION Brief description Referred to as Seven remote villages in Côte d’Ivoire use an innovative Remote settlements overarching Mini-Grid Federation and Technicians Zanzan villages, Associations. There is strong ownership from Alternative Rural Electrification Remote rural villages of Scheme (SARES), the utility, Sarawak Energy state, Malaysia electricity access to very remote villages using off-grid Sarawak Energy, solar PV-based

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Kayah, Kayin, Mon, and southern Shan in the southeast; Mandalay in the centre; and Chin, Magway, and Rakhine in the west (OCHA 15/11/2023; ECHO • Southeast (eastern Bago, Kayah, Kayin, …

fighting in November, the military has burnt down villages in 21/11/2023; MSF 18/11/2023). Sagaing (The Independent and associated needs in damaged and destroyed villages. Protection: there are varied media reports on and Pakokku town, as well as other “pro-regime” villages (The Irrawaddy 16/11/2023 a). This could indicate

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will include approximately eight to ten entire villages and can be expanded based on demand and resource

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The study assesses different aspects of benefit sharing agreements, including: • Any (emerging) requirements set out in the standards of the main carbon crediting programmes related to benefit sharing agreements; …

involved the distribution of 12 goats to the local villages to be bred. 7

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The women of Tanna face the additional to train and teach other women in the women’s information centres in affected communities, burden of being left out of decision-making community.” providing …

the Arise Fund – has worked in disaster-affected villages in Banten and Central Sulawesi provinces to strengthen form groups, women at the local level. In four villages in Banten climate crisis. write a proposal and

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The changing scenario of the consumption and production pattern of foodgrains and other major commodities coupled with the rising population and changing tastes and preferences are bound to influence the …

has initiated a programme for climate-resilient villages as a pilot learning platform to develop, implement Prasannakumar, and A.K. Singh, (2016). Climate resilient villages for sustainable food security in tropical India:

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Sanitation is a critical entry point in achieving outcomes This paper aims to consolidate data on the across all of the Sustainable Development status of climate change and sanitation in …

total sanitation approaches were applied in the villages with lowest sanitation coverage. Community behaviour

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To endogenize the intermediary’s initial endowment, and also to make the medium of ex- change explicit, in Section 3, we insert the baseline model to a standard monetary framework of …

compact geographic regions, often just one or two villages, and excluded residents from outside their designated ative called Diestedde, which operated for two villages, Diestedde and Stunnighausen, had 282 members

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