Vinyl Chloride Monomer

Vinyl chloride is an organochloride with the formula H2C=CHCl that is also called vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) or chloroethene. This colorless compound is an important industrial chemical chiefly used to produce the polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC). About 13 billion kilograms are produced annually. VCM is among the top twenty largest petrochemicals (petroleum-derived chemicals) in world production. The United States currently remains the largest VCM manufacturing region because of its low-production-cost position in chlorine and ethylene raw materials. China is also a large manufacturer and one of the largest consumers of VCM. Vinyl chloride is a gas with a sweet odor. …



IRSST: Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail · 15 May 2024 English

For occupational health practitioners and the research community, knowledge of the exposure of workers occurring both in the past and present is important in monitoring the health of workers. [...] …

co-exposed to acrylamide, acrylonitrile, and vinyl chloride monomer while men were proportionally more co-exposed

EU: European Union · 26 April 2024 English

from 5 April 2024 until 5 April 2026. Vinyl chloride monomer 200- 831-0 75-01-4 2.6 1 - - - - - - Ethylene

EU: European Union · 23 April 2024 English

All 31 December 2034 0074 75-01-4 127 vinyl chloride Monomer or other reactant All 0,5 Maximum residual

17 April 2024 English

Plastics show the strongest production growth of all bulk materials over the last decade. The industry’s current growth trajectory is exponential and plastic production is expected to double or triple …

propylene, purified terephthalic acid (PTA), vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), and styrene). Slightly more (29%) acrylonitrile, TDI = toluene diisocyanate, VCM = vinyl chloride monomer, VGO = vacuum gas oil. Material flow

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Page 1 of 54 Laboratory Services Offered by the IRSST April 2024 POLICY ON THE USE OF THE LABORATORY SERVICES OFFERED BY THE IRSST Cost The cost of the sampling …

acetate 2195 Orbo 92 tube $78 Not applicable Vinyl chloride (monomer) 2120 Activated charcoal tube, 100/50 $78

CSE: Centre for Science and Environment · 16 April 2024

18 19 global plastic report text.indd 18-19 16/04/24 4:39 PM GLOBAL PLASTIC TREATY NEGOTIATIONS 2 COUNTRY POSITIONS 20 21 global plastic report text.indd 20-21 16/04/24 4:39 PM GLOBAL PLASTIC TREATY …

(Purified terephthalic acid) DANGEROUS MIX 1 Vinyl chloride monomer in liquid and vapour form in vinyl chloride

EU: European Union · 4 April 2024 English

allocation in respect of steam cracking and vinyl chloride monomer, should apply to allocations relating added. Article 20 Allocation in respect of vinyl chloride monomer By way of derogation from Article 16(2) sub-installation and relating to the production of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) shall correspond to the value of

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The findings from the IPCC (2018) report led the EU to review the ambition of its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the Paris Agreement and subsequently the European Commission announced …

glycol EUA/t 0.512 0.389 0.348 0.821 Vinyl chloride-Monomer (VCM) EUA/t 0.204 0.155 0.139 1.0

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Recommendations to the NPRI – NGO members of the Work Group re: Reporting on Mercury and its compounds While Canada (federally, and the provinces and territories) has a number of …

compounds are used: While Canada does not have vinyl chloride monomer production, or sodium or potassium methylate

EWG: Environmental Working Group · 21 December 2023 English

Listed on the 14th Report on Carcinogens as a 1-CHLORO-2,3-EPOXYPROPANE Epichlorohydrin 106898 reasonably anticipated human carcinogen List of substances prohibited in cosmetic products from Annex II of the Regulation (EC) …

use in cosmetic products VINYL CHLORIDE Vinyl Chloride Monomer 75014 (Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist, Canada) of the Regulation (EC) No VINYL CHLORIDE Vinyl Chloride Monomer 75014 1223/2009 of the European Parliament

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