Wealth is the abundance of valuable financial assets or physical possessions which can be converted into a form that can be used for transactions. This includes the core meaning as held in the originating old English word weal, which is from an Indo-European word stem. The modern concept of wealth is of significance in all areas of economics, and clearly so for growth economics and development economics, yet the meaning of wealth is context-dependent. An individual possessing a substantial net worth is known as wealthy. Net worth is defined as the current value of one's assets less liabilities (excluding the …



ICAN: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons · 17 June 2024 English

In 2023, the nine nuclear-armed states spent $10.8 billion (13.4%) more on their nuclear arsenals than the year before, a total of $91.4 billion. In 2023, twenty companies working on …

of Defence and three with the Foreign, Common- wealth and Development Office.280 In France, Rolls-Royce

IGIDR: Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research · 15 June 2024 English

Hawtrey is now remembered by the majority of our profession, if not as the originator, certainly as the chief proponent of the monetary theory of the trade cycle. [...] The …

sometimes bordering on the acrimonious, contains a wealth of detail regarding their respective views and vol. 37 (2), , p. 167-181 Pigou, A.C. (1912) : Wealth and Welfare, Macmillan, London Pigou, A.C. (1913)

UNHCR: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees · 13 June 2024 English

The Global Trends report provides key statistical trends on forced displacement. It includes the latest official statistics on refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people, as well as the number …

High-income countries, which account for most of global wealth,53 hosted 25 per cent of refugees at end-2023. measure inequality such as inequality of income or wealth. In this case, it measures the disparities between relative to each country’s population size, the wealth of the resident population58 and thirdly, the

CSEP: Centre for Social and Economic Progress · 12 June 2024 English

Fiscal Transfers from the Union to States and Healthcare in India (CSEP Working Paper 76). [...] The Centre for Social and Economic Progress (CSEP) conducts in-depth, policy-relevant research and provides …

and private functions similar? Journal of health wealth fund: economics, 23(3), 589-613. https://www.commonwealthfund

IRENA: International Renewable Energy Agency · 11 June 2024 English

Renewable energy, energy access

PROPORTION OF HOUSEHOLDS LACKING GRID ACCESS BY WEALTH QUINTILE 1.2 1 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 0 Top 20% 4th quintile 19 • PROPORTION OF OFF-GRID ENERGY SOLUTIONS BY WEALTH QUINTILE (PERCENT) 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 product, revealing the energy used per unit of wealth created. It helps track changes in energy use and

Individual Contributors to Policy Commons · 9 June 2024 English

We then show that those experiencing a severe decline but unaware of it are more likely to suffer wealth losses. These losses largely reflect decreases in […] The post Are Older People Aware of Their Cognitive

decline but unaware of it are more likely to suffer wealth losses. These losses largely reflect decreases

RIS: Research and Information System for Developing Countries · 8 June 2024 English

The first article concentrates on the governance structure and the voting system, and the second one on the profound influence of financial dynamics on the functioning of multilateral institutions such …

cooperation types • The unequal redistribution of wealth, within a multiplexity that indicates the both

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme · 6 June 2024 English

The 1st UNDP Global Dialogue on Public Finance and Tax for Gender Equality held in Istanbul in February 2024 convened Ministers, Vice-Ministers, Commissioners, Directors and other practitioners from Ministries of …

policies can contribute to poverty reduction, wealth redistribution and minimum levels of wellbeing progressivity of the tax system, the potential of wealth taxes, the revision of tax expenditures (exemptions

IEA: International Energy Agency · 6 June 2024 English

This year’s edition of the World Energy Investment provides a full update on the investment picture in 2023 and an initial reading of the emerging picture for 2024. The report …

some finance from state-owned banks, sovereign wealth funds and pension funds, although this includes

The Aspen Institute · 6 June 2024 English

As the Thrive Rural Framework makes clear, rural health and rural community and economic development are inextricably connected—neither field can be successful without the other. Thriving economies and communities require …

and safety, humane housing, meaningful work and wealth, lifelong learning, reliable transportation, and Medellin “Part of the problem of bringing health and wealth determinants together is that it can be challenging by—Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian, and low-wealth rural people and communities at all levels. Practitioners

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