cover image: Investing in Human Capital in South Africa: A Framework for a Coordinated Multi-Sectoral Approach


Investing in Human Capital in South Africa: A Framework for a Coordinated Multi-Sectoral Approach

22 Jan 2024

South Africa's economic growth and development agenda and to present a harmonized approach for investing in priority areas for human capital formation. The policy note first presents an in-depth diagnostic of the status of human capital in the country, applying a life cycle approach. The life cycle approach places a strong emphasis on investing in human capital development holistically, involving all relevant sectors, and as a continuum, following the trajectory of an individual's life. Focus is given to three critical stages of an individual's life, (i) early childhood; (ii) school age; and (iii) youth to adulthood. Based on the findings of the analysis, the policy note identifies the priority challenges and proposes a framework for action. The findings of this policy note aim to serve as a basis for a much-needed dialogue across key relevant government entities, including sector departments such as the Department of Health, the Department of Basic Education, the Department of Higher Education and Training, Department of Social Development, and others, such as National Treasury, Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, the Office of the Presidency as well as provincial government departments, on how best to invest in human capital, both in the short and medium-to-long term. The note could also be used to inform a range of stakeholders, including civil society, development partners, and the private sector of the human capital development challenges in South Africa and how certain gaps could be addressed through better coordination of interventions. Lastly, the note aims to motivate further research on key areas where there are information and knowledge gaps on human capital in South Africa.
human capital acceleration policies life cycle social protections and labor :: safety nets and transfers social development :: social assessment multisectoral framework


Dulvy, Elizabeth Ninan, Gebre, Tihtina Zenebe, Kika-Mistry, Jesal, Franz, Jutta, Lee, Yi-K young Lee, Kabubei, Kenneth Munge, Matsebula, Thulani, Monchuk, Victoria, Cunningham, Wendy

“ Dulvy, Elizabeth Ninan ; Gebre, Tihtina Zenebe ; Kika-Mistry, Jesal ; Franz, Jutta ; Lee, Yi-K young Lee ; Kabubei, Kenneth Munge ; Matsebula, Thulani ; Monchuk, Victoria ; Cunningham, Wendy . 2024 . Investing in Human Capital in South Africa: A Framework for a Coordinated Multi-Sectoral Approach . © Washington, DC: World Bank . License: CC BY-NC 3.0 IGO . ”
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