cover image: The cascading and compounding impacts of drought | Policy brief


The cascading and compounding impacts of drought | Policy brief

7 Dec 2023

The cascading and compounding impacts of drought | Policy brief THE CASCADING AND COMPOUNDING IMPACTS OF DROUGHT Policy brief This policy brief highlights drought impacts. [...] Higher food prices compounded the effects of drought- and conflict-related food insecurity.18 Conflict and internally displaced people further compounded the impact of drought and higher food prices.19 Women and girls were more likely than men and boys to reduce caloric intake for the benefit of others in the family, and economic stress led to more early marriages for girls, and reduced access to. [...] But other impact areas such as ecosystems and human health and livelihoods are more difficult to quantify and put into economic context.57 ECOLOGICAL SOCIAL Land degradation and desertification: Food and water security: Drought affects Drought can cause permanent ecosystem human health, in particular for women and girls, regime change, leading to desertification and and more directly in countries. [...] change, which contributes to drought, and 2) reduce vulnerability to drought, with healthier soils and ecosystems having greater capacity for Building human and natural capacity: There is water retention.35 vast opportunity to reduce vulnerability to drought by reducing poverty and food and water insecurity and by providing widespread access to education Integrated planning across sectors and scal. [...] The cascading monitoring and early warning systems.53 nature of drought impacts requires assessments Systems should track the effects of drought on to look beyond the quantitative and direct vulnerable people, industries and ecosystems.



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