United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification


United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

The UNCCD is the global voice for land. It promotes practices that avoid, reduce and reverse land degradation and is the driving force behind Sustainable Development Goal 15 and Land Degradation Neutrality. The UNCCD is the only legally binding framework set up to address desertification and the effects of drought. There are 197 Parties to the Convention, including 196 country Parties and the European Union. The Convention – based on the principles of participation, partnership and decentralization – is a multilateral commitment to mitigate the impact of land degradation, and protect our land so we can provide food, water, shelter and economic opportunity to all people. The Convention unites governments, scientists, policymakers, the private sector and communities around a shared vision to restore and manage the world’s land. This work is crucial to ensure the sustainability of the planet and the prosperity of future generations.
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