cover image: Terror Tracker, Vol. 4 Issue 2, February 2024


Terror Tracker, Vol. 4 Issue 2, February 2024

1 Feb 2024

He will project in the region.’ These suicide bombings were the deadliest attacks faced by spend at least the next the country since the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran. [...] Biswas was arrested in Iranian officials, including the President and the Supreme Leader, threatened December 2014 in a joint retaliatory action in response to the terrorist attacks. [...] The Channel 4 News Channel responsibility for this crime lies with the US and Zionist regimes and terrorism is revealed that he used the just a tool.’ @shamiwitness handle to aid the recruitment of Several countries and leaders, including the United Nations Security General, British nationals into ISIS. [...] The new TTP According to the statement, “the BLA's Special Tactical Operations Squad wing is responsible for some (STOS) took control of all entry and exit routes in the area by placing recent deadly attacks on the explosive mines to hinder any potential enemy reinforcement… The Fateh law-enforcement agencies Squad has taken charge of key locations like the Police Station, Railway peronnel in Dera. [...] However, the law exempts the use of Cologne in December 2023 and is suspected to of or sale of Nazi symbols for academic, sacred have an association with the Islamic State in religious, and educational purposes.



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