cover image: Recycling and Reuse of Lithium Batteries in Latin America and the Carribean


Recycling and Reuse of Lithium Batteries in Latin America and the Carribean

28 Feb 2024

The use of the IDB's name for any purpose other than for attribution, and the use of IDB's logo shall be subject to a separate written license agreement between the IDB and the user and is not authorized as part of this license. [...] 14 Objectives The objective of this assignment is the conduction of an analytical assessment of global and regional practices for the reuse and recycling of LIB, with a specific focus on the Latin America and Caribbean region. [...] Chapter 1 of the report provides background information on the concepts of circular economy, lithium-ion batteries and an overview of good practices for the end-of-life management of LIB; Chapter 2 provides an overview of the methodological approach followed through the study; Chapter 3 analyzes the global state-of-the-art technologies and practices for environmentally sound and safe management of. [...] Chapter 6 presents the regional outlook for LIB in the region, including the estimation of the battery volumes reaching their end-of-life in the period 2024-2050, along with estimations of the LIB volumes available for recycling and reuse in different scenarios, this section also presents estimations for the investment requirements to set up the required recycling and reuse infrastructure in each. [...] § Transport across international boundaries must in many cases follow the prior- informed-consent procedure of the Basel Convention where the competent authorities (usually the authority responsible for the environment) of the exporting country notifies the competent authorities of the transit and receiving countries prior to the movement.


Viviana Lopez Hernandez, Inga Hilbert, Lucia Gascon Gastillero, Andreas Manhart, Diego Garcia, Bertrand Nkongdem, Raluca Dumitrescu, Carlos Sucre, Carolina Ferreira Herrera

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