cover image: POLICY BRIEF – No. 05/2024 - Openness as Strength: The Win-Win in EU-US


POLICY BRIEF – No. 05/2024 - Openness as Strength: The Win-Win in EU-US

12 Mar 2024

However, this viewpoint tends to oversimplify and misrepresent the nuanced and complex reality of the EU’s status within the global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector and digitally enabled trade. [...] Firstly, the overall trade patterns in the ICT sector highlight the EU’s strength and resilience. [...] Additionally, collaborations such as The Serviceplan Group with Box,8 Thales with Google Cloud for a sovereign hyperscale cloud solution in France,9 and partnerships between Orange and Google Cloud,10 IBM and SAP11, Cisco and Telenor,12 and Atos and Microsoft,13 each underscore the growing emphasis on leveraging cloud IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, multi-cloud services, and generative AI deploy. [...] The significant growth rates of intra-EU trade and the diversification of the EU’s external trade relations beyond the US demonstrate the internal robustness and external reach of the EU’s digital services market. [...] The data and trends from the ICT sector provide compelling evidence that the EU’s current path of strategic engagement and openness is not only beneficial but essential for its economic vitality and global leadership in the digital age.
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