European Centre for International Political Economy


European Centre for International Political Economy

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 2006
Location Brussels Belgium Belgium
Functions Research
Tags economics international trade
Summary The European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) is an independent and non-profit policy research think tank dedicated to trade policy and other international economic policy issues of importance to Europe. It is based in Brussels and was founded in 2006 by the economists Fredrik Erixon and Razeen Sally.

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ECIPE · 25 November 2022 English

The impression now is that Europe is on the retreat and the current European Commission is the first without a strategy to strengthen competitiveness at the EU level since the …

ECIPE · 24 November 2022 English

INTRODUCTION The way Europe makes decision about its digital polices – its digital regulations and the policies that guide how the broad digital economy integrates with the rest of the …

ECIPE · 23 November 2022 French

En effet, il les a mises en situation d’ache- de dollars – illustrant un effondrement de ter les films américains les plus attractifs, donc l’attractivité des films français auprès de …

ECIPE · 23 November 2022 English

A strong participation in Baldwin and others debunking using such indicators, the picture is the “new globalisation” is also key the myth that we enter a period of much more …

ECIPE · 23 November 2022 English

Cultural Trends, 2022. doi:10.1080/09548963.2022.2082864

ECIPE · 23 November 2022 English

This is why tions: the example of the ITU and the UN the US, the EU, and other Western countries have A second vehicle for EU/US regulatory cooperation underlined, in …

ECIPE · 22 November 2022 English

An alternative way of estimating the economic impacts of trade policy is to draw on estimates in the empirical literature regarding the long-run responsiveness of income to changes in trade, …

ECIPE · 4 October 2022 French

Subvention et « Valeur ajoutée » (la valeur ajoutée est une mesure de la production d’un secteur) Ce tableau montre la forte croissance de la « production » des principales …

ECIPE · 26 August 2022 English

So, three years on, how has the UK fared? ENORMOUS GEOPOLITICAL CHALLENGES… Any fair assessment would have to start with the enormous challenges the world trading system has faced in …

ECIPE · 24 June 2022 French

Untitled 3/11/22, 10:54 AM Le transport maritime mondial subit les conséquences de la guerre en Ukraine ÉCONOMIE • ÉCONOMIE MONDIALE Le transport maritime mondial subit les conséquences de la guerre …

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