cover image: Sylloge on West Asia, Vol. 4 No. 4, 16 February - 29 February 2024


Sylloge on West Asia, Vol. 4 No. 4, 16 February - 29 February 2024

18 Mar 2024

comment on Saturday as he attended the unveiling ceremony of the Arman anti- The official made the remarks after the UN ballistic missile system and Azarakhsh low- nuclear watchdog accused Iran of not being altitude air defense system, both developed completely transparent with the by experts of the Iranian Defense Ministry. [...] the top of the list in terms of the quality and The act aimed at enhancing surveillance purity of heavy water that is produced capabilities and countering threats posed by without foreign help on the back of research adversaries and terrorist organizations. [...] We have been able to have a share in the supply and export During the Great Prophet 15 military of heavy water at the global market.” exercise in January 2021, the IRGC Aerospace Force unveiled footage showcasing the successful engagement of 7/AEOI-chief-says-Iran-among-top-5- various targets by the Shahed-131 drone. [...] 291 The Romanian website reports that Major Austrian Defense Acquisition: the framework agreement for the supply of GDELS Secures €1.8 Billion Contract for the anti-tank missiles was signed between the joint venture company Eurospike as the 225 PANDUR EVO Vehicles sole supplier and the Romanian national Israel Defense, February 21, 2024 company Romtehnica, which deals in international de. [...] the Indian Ministry of Defense has signed a The “Star” is the second largest unmanned contract with Advanced Weapon aircraft in the Air Force after the "Eitan," Equipment India for the manufacturing and roughly equivalent in size to the Heron-1 supply of 463 indigenously manufactured “Shoval”.



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