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NuClearly Put - Nuclear Energy in India’s - Energy Mix

31 Mar 2024

The German decision of a nuclear phase-out in 2011 was only in part triggered by the anti-nuclear inclinations of the political firmament of the time. [...] These included a stable population with high per capita energy consumption of above 7000 kWh; a surplus national electricity market that had been exporting electricity to the tune of about 15 billion kWh; a forecast of as low as 1.1 per cent per annum growth of electricity; the option of making up for the loss of electricity caused by the shutdown of nuclear plants by importing more coal from Pola. [...] India’s power generation capacity has increased phenomenally from the total installed power generation capacity of a mere 1362 MW at the time of Independence to 400,000 MW today.2 Today, India is the third largest producer of electricity in the world. [...] Another recent development of significance is the commencement of core loading of the prototype fast breeder reactor that has raised hopes that India’s move into the second stage of its nuclear power programme may be on the anvil. [...] For the future, a three-pronged approach is recommended to move India’s nuclear power programme up the ladder: firstly, the government must continue to offer its steadfast commitment and support to the nuclear sector including by providing predictability into the policy environment; secondly, the NPCIL must continue to provide safe operations and use of good management practices to ensure rapid in.



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