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3 Apr 2024

The most effective of all measures such as the TPNWThe most effective of all measures that measures that could be are supported.could be taken – and indeed the logical taken – and indeed the outcome of the NPT – was the decision The NPT: A Success Story for logical outcome of the NPT made in 2017 to make all nuclear Curbing Nuclear – was the decision made weapons illegal, and to ban them Prolifera. [...] The Anti- purposes, was accepted by agreement between the US and Russia, Ballistic Missile Treaty, the (most of) the rest of the and between Russia and Western Intermediate Nuclear world, on the understanding Europe more broadly, has been Forces Treaty, the that the inequality of the discarded. [...] Because of these broken government will sign the view is that a handful of promises, there is the possibility that TPNW, ‘after taking account nuclear weapon states some non-nuclear states might leave of the need to ensure the hold the rest of the world the NPT, opening the door to further interaction of the TPNW hostage as they continue nuclear proliferation. [...] 11, 01 APRIL 2024 / PAGE - 3 NUCLEAR SECURITY: A FORTNIGHTLY NEWSLETTER FROM CAPS The problem is this: the escalation, and the NPT is ailing, largely due to The problem is this: the NPT is ailing, willingness of the US to tie the intransigence of the largely due to the intransigence of the its fate to that of its nuclear states. [...] It boils down to the formal diplomatic and a psychological relationship between the defender security relationship that would provide a and the adversary in which the adversary believes foundation to consider the potential use of nuclear that the defender has the will and commitment weapons under virtually any circumstance, never to follow through on its threat should the mind launching a nuclear.



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