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15 Apr 2024

One of ensure rapid induction ofIndia’s nuclear power programme up the future issues reactors to undercut thethe ladder: firstly, the government of NuClealry Put will cynicism that is often explore the concept, must continue to offer its steadfast expressed at the slow pace advantages and commitment and support to the of growth of the nuclear disadvantages of SMRs. [...] The the DAE to help the public better understand the rehabilitation of India into international nuclear need for nuclear power as part of the country’s commerce with the conclusion of the Indo-US humongous electricity requirement, its nuclear deal has opened possibilities of newer environmental advantages and the focus on safety technology induction for accelerated capacity aspects. [...] Clement Attlee, who was prime minister from 1945-1951, Sir Keir Starmer has said his commitment to the is widely revered in the party as the father of the UK’s nuclear weapons is “unshakeable” and NHS and much of the rest of the welfare state. [...] His foreign “changed” - a reference to secretary, Ernest Bevin, In the face of rising global threats and Mr Corbyn, a long-time was a key figure in the growing Russian aggression, the UK’s opponent of the UK’s Trident establishment of the Nato nuclear deterrent is the bedrock of missile system and vice- alliance. [...] This development is a testament Preparation for the latest to the progress made collectively in ensuring the capacity increase started in full in 2020 as part of safety and security of nuclear energy and a programme which also included the switch from highlights the instrumental role of the IAEA.



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