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16 Apr 2024

For the English and Scottish hooligans, the skinhead era was roughly up to 1983—84 and the casual era after that, with 1989 being the end of the initial heyday of the style. [...] The behaviour of Aberdeen’s firm in ‘invading’ Glasgow and causing mayhem and damage was seen by Celtic people as damaging the reputation and health of Glasgow and the pride of the Celtic club. [...] Key members of the BBB (and suc- cessor firms) at Sydney United and the MCF at Melbourne Knights believe that one’s obviously displayed loyalty should be to the firm, to the soccer club, and to the Croatian community. [...] RESEARCH APPROACH Late in 2009 or early in 2010, I decided to research the topic of the cancel- lation of the NSL, the establishment of the A-League, and the marginalization of the ‘ethnic’ clubs under Frank Lowy’s FFA regime. [...] Discrimination When the researcher asked Ange Cimera for his comments on the cancella- tion of the NSL and the beginning of the A-League, he answered as follows: Ange Cimera: Look, as far as the end of the NSL is concerned, it was disappointing in the way they did it.
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