cover image: R Sheet On - The Law Enforcement De-escalation Training Act of 2022: Purpose,


R Sheet On - The Law Enforcement De-escalation Training Act of 2022: Purpose,

18 Apr 2024

By creating a new grant program for agencies to use federal to ensure that communities funding for de-escalation training, the new law is intended to develop federal in need are able to access standards for the preferred types of de-escalation trainings available to law the funds and that the enforcement and to ensure the success of these funds in allowing agencies funds are used in a way that acc. [...] • Focusing on providing needed technical assistance Current Debate to agencies in their applications, ensuring Judging by the list of those who voted “no” on the legislation in the House— accurate and honest primarily members of the House Freedom Caucus and other “hard-line” evaluation of the impact Republicans—the opposition more than likely comes from a philosophical of use of funds, and opposit. [...] Further, critics of federal see success and lead to the grant programs generally point out their encroachment on the proper dynamics of most positive outcomes for the law enforcement federalism and their potential for inefficiency, as localities most in need of funding community and the may struggle to access the dollars while already well-funded localities may reap communities they serve. [...] During the implementation of LEDTA, those at the Department of Justice tasked with developing the training curriculum and launching the program for agencies to apply for must seek direct input from agencies that: 1. [...] For more information on In order for the funding to prosper and avoid the fate of other grant programs this subject, contact: R Street Institute that are phased out, these discussions are critical to get a full sense of the 1411 K St NW Ste 900, existing challenges, the successes, and the additional needs of the communites Washington, D.
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