cover image: February 2024  I  R2402 - SEA OF OPPORTUNITY - Developing Jamaica's


February 2024 I R2402 - SEA OF OPPORTUNITY - Developing Jamaica's

17 Apr 2024

challenges such as overfishing, unsustainable practices in the fisheries and tourism sectors, tourism practices, competition for resources as well as the role of blue finance and its Blue finance emerges as a promising avenue between fisheries and tourism, and the interlinkages with the local economy. [...] It Accommodation represented 44 percent of and ecotourism as well as the predominant accounted for 10 percent of the nation's GDP, the total, followed by Recreational Sports and resort model.8 The majority of tourists in as reported by the Ministry of Tourism in Cultural Services at 18 percent, and Food and Jamaica come from the United States (~1.8 2019. [...] In addition, the ban on single- formation of the Jamaica Centre for Tourism options.30 Given that India is the second most use plastic bags and the deposit refund Innovation, the founding of the Craft populous country in the world with a middle scheme for plastic bottles demonstrates Development Institute, and the promotion of class larger than Europe’s, and growing, the country’s commitment to be. [...] Sea of Opportunity: Developing Jamaica's Blue Economy Sea of Opportunity: Developing Jamaica's Blue Economy 25 S ustainable fisheries occupy a central In the context of the blue economy, sustainable economic benefits with the preservation position within the Blue Economy fisheries underscore the imperative of of marine ecosystems. [...] Efforts to address these multifaceted Unlocking the potential of the blue economy nent of Jamaica's blue economy, contribut- challenges encompass the establishment of requires the mobilisation of resources to ena- ing to economic development, food security, policy frameworks, the creation of Special ble and support its objectives.
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