cover image: Fahrenheit 2040: heating and cooling in the EU


Fahrenheit 2040: heating and cooling in the EU

28 May 2024

Our analysis of gaps in the current framework and modelled Framework for limiting the role of pathways towards decarbonising heating biomass for heating: The framework and cooling in buildings identifies the needs to account for the limited following gaps. [...] The projected greenhouse gas emissions in the ‘with existing measures’ (WEM) and ‘with additio- 7 COOL HEATING COALITION Is the adopted framework for 2030 aligned with the goal of full economy- wide decarbonisation by 2050? 03 3.1 Key elements of the 2030 framework The reduction of energy demand is a main for heating and cooling priority of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), containing various. [...] framework for the heating and cooling sector is the target for increasing the share Figure 6: Annual increase of the share of renewable energy in heating and cooling under different pathways COOL HEATING COALITION 10 Which gaps need to be addressed with regard to the 2040 framework? 04 To discuss key gaps that need to be trality at the European level by 2050 at addressed in the framework for the v. [...] However it faces the risk that the how the highly ambitious ambition of the legislation would be set at achievements by 2030 are supported a low level to adapt to the needs of the and why the ambition decreases most affected countries and regions and rapidly between 2030 and 2035. [...] In addition to the target for increasing renewables in H&C, the responsibility for designing the framework to support the Figure 10: Gap towards meeting targets for full decarbonisation of heating and cooling in 2040 by country 17 COOL HEATING COALITION Conclusions 05 The study shows that the transition of that the implementation of a ban for heating and cooling is currently not on installing foss.


Sibylle Braungard; Carmen Loschke

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