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Centre for Air Power Studies - Challenges of IslamIC RadICalIsatIon In assam and

27 May 2024

The ISI played in Assam and other states of the North Eastern a significant role in fostering region.¹¹ It began by supporting the Naga insurgency the growth and expansion of in Nagaland. [...] Assam: The Jihad Hotbed? In terms of the concentration of Muslim population with respect to the total population of the state, Assam ranks third after Lakshadweep and Jammu and Kashmir out of all the states and Union Territories of India.¹⁶ This Muslim demography in the state comprises two distinct ethnic groups– Bengali-speaking Muslims of Bangladeshi origin and the indigenous Assamese-speaking M. [...] of Assam in the process of updating of NRC paved the ground for the germination of radicalization in Assam.”²⁴ Dealing with Radicalisation in Assam: Secularisation of Education The threat of radicalisation from extremist elements outside the state has been acknowledged by the Assam government, and measures have been undertaken by the state security apparatus to address the threat. [...] • Following the passage of the Bill, another act relating to the provincialisation of madrassas, which was passed by the state government in 2011, stood repealed.”²⁸ In December 2023, the Department of School Education in Assam announced that the government and provincialised madrassas in 31 districts, which are 1,281 in number, will be converted into general schools under the Board of Secondary E. [...] The monitoring of the madrassas has been a critical contributor in tracking extremist elements within these institutions.³¹ While the impact of these initiatives will depend The initiative to secularise on the effectiveness of the execution of the measures education is in sync with the and will take time to reflect broader changes, ongoing deradicalisation and nonetheless, the initiative is certai.
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