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Secondhand Shopping: Understanding Consumer Behavior toward Pre-owned Clothing in India

5 October 2021


In motivations, and behavior toward their purchase, the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, although the use, and end-of-life handling of secondhand clothing overall clothing demand is expected to decline, is presented. [...] In the course of engagements The formal clothing resale segment in India is with the founder, some interesting insights were fragmented and decentralized with not much learned about secondhand clothing and the resale literature available in the public domain. [...] LIMITATIONS OF THE METHODOLOGY CONSUMER SURVEY Some of the limitations of the In this section, the demographic profile of the methodology are as follows: respondents and their general shopping behavior ▪ are presented, followed by findings that give an A practice note is aimed at providing analysis insight into consumer motivations and consumer that is limited to the specific context presented, be [...] The reduced environmental impact owing to In order to validate respondents’ attitudes toward purchasing secondhand clothing and itst low price the environmental impact of the clothing industry, were reported to be the two biggest factors influencing they were asked whether purchasing secondhand the purchase decision. [...] The impact of of the respondents consider the lower environmental purchasing secondhand clothing on overall clothing impact of secondhand clothing as a motivation.


Priyal Shah
Project Associate, Climate Program, WRI India


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