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outreach Climate Communications Awards - The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford Thursday 7th November 2019

8 November 2019


Initiatives included a set of climate globe communication workshops, the creation of Climate Action Groups (which • Delivered an online course on the complex links twitter @ClimateOutreach between climate change and migration brought together people in a ‘matchmaking’ meeting to cluster around areas of common interest), three Speaker Series, and Ecovation (where homeowners • Le. [...] Merryn’s black and white photographs Director of Research of people and landscapes aimed to capture the beauty and CLIMATE OUTREACH vulnerability of the Estuary, and were exhibited alongside quotes from interviewees and a large information board. [...] They have been seen and discussed by millions of people worldwide through their use on TV news programmes and weather forecasts, on the front pages of several newspapers, at music festivals, and in David Saddington a variety of creative ways by a range of groups and individuals. [...] Kathy is a writer and performer of Marshall Islander ancestry, and co-founded the non-profit Jo-Jikum, dedicated to empowering Marshallese youth to seek solutions to climate change and other environmental impacts of the Year threatening their home island. [...] She sent a very kind video message welcoming the launch in September of the CAST Centre (Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations), of which Climate Outreach is one of five core partners.