Climate Outreach

Climate Outreach

Type Nonprofit
Year founded 2004
Headquarters Oxford United Kingdom United Kingdom
Functions Advocacy, Education and training, Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, Individual citizens, Services
Tags climate climate communication
Summary It all started with a question: how can we effectively engage people with climate change? Decades of scientific consensus, international summits and traditional environmental campaigns clearly weren’t mobilising society to take action. Simply pointing to the science wasn’t enough – something was missing. We exist because climate change doesn’t communicate itself, even with the increasing number of climate impacts. We help people understand this complex issue in ways that resonate with their sense of identity, values and worldview. Informed consent and support from people across society and around the world creates what we call a social mandate for climate action – and we believe it’s how real change happens. We’re proud of our team’s impact in driving public engagement with climate change, working with clients and partners around the world: international bodies, governments, charities, community organisations, academic institutions, businesses and media.

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Climate Outreach · 17 May 2021 English

1 2 3 4 5 Strongly Somewhat Neither agree Somewhat Strongly agree agree nor disagree disagree disagree 4 There is one law for the rich and one for the poor. …

Climate Outreach · 15 February 2021 English

We found that students have low levels of environmental and climate literacy, construct false and sometimes apocalyptic narratives to fill the knowledge vacuum, and experience high levels of eco-anxiety and …

Climate Outreach · 22 January 2021 English

The language and imagery of climate change—which FUTURE has emerged from a scientific discipline and interaction between advocates and the media—gives the impression PROBLEM of a problem far away in …

Climate Outreach · 19 November 2020 English

I would make an analogy that our parents and grandparents went through two world wars and we built a welfare state and a dream for a better life out of …

Climate Outreach · 17 November 2020 English

Britain Talks Climate Prompts for team discussion Explore the full Britain Talks Climate toolkit at C L I M A T E outreach Branding Guidelines Terms of usage: When …

Climate Outreach · 17 November 2020 English

And there is widespread recognition that the UK should be one of the most ambitious countries in the world in tackling climate change, and that doing so could unlock new …

Climate Outreach · 17 November 2020 English

3.048 cm 1.5 cm Using a chatbot survey To carry out message testing against the seven segments, or to target one or more of the segments, digitally, you’ll need the …

Climate Outreach · 13 July 2020 English

Report_ Covering the Climate Crisis from a Solutions Lens Covering the Climate Crisis This report was written following a virtual workshop from a Solutions Lens that allowed scientists, activists and …

Climate Outreach · 5 May 2020 English

the visual really helped to inform us on reader engagement and We’re strategically collaborating with media decision makers and language impact and has provoked a conversation on the topic …

Climate Outreach · 8 November 2019 English

Initiatives included a set of climate globe communication workshops, the creation of Climate Action Groups (which • Delivered an online course on the complex links twitter @ClimateOutreach between climate …

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