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Report_ Covering the Climate Crisis from a Solutions Lens

13 July 2020


Report_ Covering the Climate Crisis from a Solutions Lens Covering the Climate Crisis This report was written following a virtual workshop from a Solutions Lens that allowed scientists, activists and journalists to discuss what they thought were the key barriers to making solutions more prevalent in the British news - A perspective from the UK  when it comes to reporting on the climate crisis. [...] INKLINE is running a series of workshops throughout 2020 titled ‘Covering the Climate Crisis from a Solutions Lens’ as part of the Solutions Journalism The following delegates took part in the workshop: Network’s LEDE Fellowship. [...] Sophie Roland, Freelance Journalist Toby Smith, Climate Visuals (co-organizer) From apocalyptic headlines to photographs of forests Veronique Mistiaen, Positive News Magazine burning down, the coverage of the climate crisis can, however, leave audiences feeling overwhelmed and Special thanks to Portia Ladrido and Nina Seale for taking prone to burnout. [...] doom and gloom narrative and embrace a solutions lens? This workshop dived into this question by looking at how we can facilitate greater knowledge between activists, journalists and scientists to help make solutions more prevalent in the UK’s media landscape. [...] Regular, ahead of the curve, knowledge exchange between scientists and communicators would It is hard to make positive, systemic or behavioural help to ensure the information reaches journalists.