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Young People and Climate Change - COP26 Briefings

7 Apr 2021

The project is investigating the intersection of climate change with young Young people’s input people’s livelihoods in the Karamoja and Jinja districts of Uganda, with a particular focus Conclusion and on working with young people who are marginalised and so harder to reach. [...] About the COP26 Briefings Series The British Academy’s COP26 Briefings Series aims to raise awareness of the importance of the humanities and the social sciences in understanding the complex human and social dimensions to environmental challenges and their solutions. [...] To facilitate the involvement of young people in framing and responding to climate change, we draw upon our study of marginalised young people from the remote Ugandan district of Karamoja, to give a voice to youth experiences, needs, and ideas for change. [...] The UN Youth Strategy acknowledges the importance of young people’s involvement in responding to climate change – through partnerships and their capacity to respond – thus seeking to amplify and reinforce the voices of young people, for example at major UN Summits.70 However, the structure and culture of global youth conferences limits youth engagement, often leaving young people unable to partici. [...] To support some of the worst affected of today’s young people in low- and middle-income countries, we draw upon the insights of young people with whom we have worked and the wider literature, to make the following recommendations: 1.
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