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19 January 2021


The recent interest in efforts to address the relative neglect of questions about race and racism in the teaching culture of the discipline through efforts to decolonise the curriculum and address the under-representation of BME staff at all levels of the profession is only the latest expression of this on-going and unfinished conversation. [...] It is particularly welcome that the report contains important new insights into the positioning of race and ethnicity in sociology curricula, the racial demographics of staff and students in sociology departments, the institutional commitment to change and the experiences of BME staff and the role of the BSA and other professional bodies. [...] In the light of student campaigns, changing demographics, the robust and growing body of Sociological work on race and ethnicity, and the important work being done in other disciplines, this report was commissioned by the BSA in order to provide an evidence base with regard to the place of race and ethnicity in the teaching of Sociology in British Higher Education. [...] That is, to what extent are race and ethnicity seen to affect the social world? Moreover, to what extent are theories of race and ethnicity seen to be important to our ability to understand the social world? As respondents explained, There is a historical erasure of the category of race - and the work of Black sociologists and other sociologists of colour - in the discipline in Britain. [...] BSA Race and Ethnicity in British Sociology 2020 29 following responses suggest, the overwhelming whiteness of Sociology teaching staff was seen to be a key factor in the inadequate teaching of race and ethnicity, The structural racism of the world is reflected in the hiring practices of sociology in the UK and therefore there is a lack of the requisite human capital (i.e.


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