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Audio Transcript

3 March 2021


24 00:03:59.340 --> 00:04:09.750 Arik Korman: They will discuss how educator and principal prep programs work to undo the injustices that have led to the current disparities between the diversity of students and educators, what more is needed, 25 00:04:10.110 --> 00:04:18.150 Arik Korman: and how we can work together to support and sustain a diverse education workforce in Washington state. [...] 115 00:19:42.510 --> 00:19:49.470 Goldy Brown: Because the reality is, at the end of the day, we're all trying to keep our jobs, so if it has to be part of the 116 00:19:50.130 --> 00:20:02.100 Goldy Brown: legal and the evaluation processes of teachers, principals, and also superintendents from school boards and from the state school level policymakers 117 00:20:02.580 --> 00:20:08.790 Goldy Brow. [...] 171 00:28:57.240 --> 00:29:08.250 Alexandra Manuel: Charlie is I when I hear you talk I’m like that is the kind of educator you want to see in the in the classroom and so so glad to see that energy and passion. [...] 175 00:29:47.460 --> 00:30:02.490 Alexandra Manuel: And then we also, I think, have an opportunity to really center that when we have great educators in the field, we need to help really work to cultivate and keep them in the profession and help to build community around 176 00:30:03.570 --> 00:30:20.580 Alexandra Manuel: The kinds of things that we've talked about that really center racial justic. [...] So I mentioned earlier, the Academy of Rising Educators… and we are being very explicit in that partnership to name Black and Indigenous educators of color and so 302 00:50:52.650 --> 00:51:04.860 Mia Tuan: the college's role in addition to trying to make sure that we're doing our inner work to regarding having an environment that's that that that candidates will thrive in, it's also on the fundra.



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