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Pathways to Net Zero: The Impact of Clean Energy Research - an analysis of the scientific literature

28 October 2021


This report is based on a study analyzing more than 1.6 million papers from Elsevier’s Scopus database, combining data with content and subject-matter expertise to gain unique insights into how research can accelerate efforts to mitigate climate change. This report presents an analysis of clean energy research, using bibliometrics and altmetrics to reveal the research and innovation landscape, level of global collaboration and scope of technological development, and the field's prominence in policymaking and the media. It’s designed to: - Provide descriptive insights into dimensions of research collaboration and knowledge transfer of particular relevance to net zero innovation ahead COP26. - Serve as an opening to discussions around net zero research and innovation. - Act as a springboard for debate on research funding and collaboration, technological choices and policy setting.



climate clean energy research net zero cop26