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Year founded 1880
Location Amsterdam Netherlands Netherlands
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Tags research scholarly publishing
Summary Elsevier (Dutch: [ˈɛlzəviːr]) is a Netherlands-based information and analytics company specializing in scientific, technical, and medical content. It is a part of the RELX Group, known until 2015 as Reed Elsevier. Its products include journals such as The Lancet and Cell, the ScienceDirect collection of electronic journals, the Trends and Current Opinion series of journals, the online citation database Scopus, SciVal, a tool that measures research performance, the ClinicalKey search engine for clinicians, and ClinicalPath evidence-based cancer care service. Elsevier's products also include digital tools for data management, instruction, and assessment.

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Elsevier · 15 November 2022 English

Confidence in research: researchers in the spotlight is an Economist Impact report, supported by Elsevier. In the report, Economist Impact explores the attitudes of scientists, scholars and researchers – from …

Elsevier · 8 November 2022

Pathways to Net Zero: Global South Research in the Transition to Clean Energy explores how net zero research in the Global South is contributing to a clean energy future. The …

Elsevier · 20 April 2022 English

In its second stage of a multiyear study, Elsevier looks at pressures, challenges, and potentials in research in the 2020s. With input from more than 1,000 researchers in an internationally …

Elsevier · 21 March 2022

This report summarizes Elsevier’s efforts to positively impact inclusion and diversity in the research community, which were supported by the Elsevier Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Board over the past 2 …

Elsevier · 28 October 2021

This report is based on a study analyzing more than 1.6 million papers from Elsevier’s Scopus database, combining data with content and subject-matter expertise to gain unique insights into how …

Elsevier · 12 April 2021 English

Growing from our roots in publishing, we have supported the work of our research and health partners for more than 140 years. [...] We employ 8,600 people, including 1,906 technologiests …

Elsevier · 10 February 2021 English

Transformative Journals The following journals commit to transformative journal criteria. [...] For more information please visit: Plan S (coalition-s.org) | Transformative Journals: Frequently Asked Questions Acta Tropica BBA - Biomembranes …

Elsevier · 8 December 2020 English

In this booklet, you’ll find simple, Then it’s time to get your work actionable support that will help you noticed… publish and promote your research and With your peer-reviewed article …

Elsevier · 20 March 2020 English

This has largely occurred due to the university’s investment in state-of-the-art “SciVal is the first “online research facilities, ability to attract excellent faculty and students, and growth of community partnerships …

Elsevier · 4 June 2019 English

In addition to protecting the integrity of the scholarly record, Scopus helps bolster institutional research performance, rank, and reputation. [...] Scopus includes Scopus content coverage by subject area: 75+ million …

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