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14 December 2021


From the start of his presidency of the Commission, he stated the importance of education and training in an address to the European Parliament: “I wish to insist, in an attempt to rebuild confidence, on the importance of human resources for the knowledge and skills which they contribute. [...] Companies tend to underestimate the importance of the human factor in their success and development,88 and some therefore have a “selfish human resources policy” instead of contributing fully to the costs related to the functioning of the labour market.89 In addition to this need to invest in “human capital”, companies must play their part in identifying the needs of the labour market taking into. [...] The 2019-2021 programme highlighted skilled workers as one of the main assets of the European social and economic model, particularly in terms of the swift changes on the labour market, and set out joint actions for the lifelong development of skills.93 More recently, at the 83. [...] In this Commitment, the representatives of the European institutions, social partners and European civil society undertook to invest in skills, lifelong learning and training to meet the needs of the economy and of society, to achieve the target of 60% of adults participating in training annually.105 However, the resources to roll out a far-reaching reform of our training systems, that bridges the. [...] Lifelong learning remains, for now, to quote Jacques Delors, a utopia in the making.106 ▪ Managing Editor: Sébastien Maillard ▪ The document may be reproduced in part or in full on the dual condition that its meaning is not distorted and that the source is mentioned ▪ The views expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher ▪ The Jacques Delors Institute.