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29 December 2021


During the summit, them will continue to remain in the country the GCC countries alleged Iran of its in order to provide assistance, training and involvement in destabilising activities in advises to help the Iraqi military face the the region through proxy groups. [...] On the members of the GCC, strengthen relations economic front, the leaders discussed the between Riyadh and its neighbours, and strategic and integration projects in the coordinate policies issues of common fields of investment and development. [...] Oman was the first stop for him They highlighted the importance of digital where both countries announced the transformation in the Gulf region and the opening of the first land crossing – a 725 need to boost the role of youths and km road which will facilitate the smooth women in the development process. [...] within the framework of Organisation of Guterres visits Lebanon and Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reaffirms UN’s support for the Plus to safeguard stability of the global oil country market, while underlining the importance of continuing this cooperation and the The UN Secretary General, Antonio need for all participating countries to Guterres, visited Lebanon and met with a adhere to the O. [...] Both the leaders deliberated on rules overseeing the elections and the further cooperation and joint action to powers to be invested with the institutions strengthen the strategic partnership of the president and the parliament.