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Zoned Out in Texas: How One Mother Overcame Dallas’s Discriminatory Housing Laws

12 January 2022


Patricia McGee was living in the Mandalay Palms Apartments in a rough section of Dallas a few years ago when one day her ten-year-old son said, “Momma, look.” McGee peered out the window and saw a sex worker hanging out at the bus stop in front of the apartment “doing some things she shouldn’t be doing.” 1 McGee was horrified. “Your kids, they pay attention to everything,” she says. They began “talking about stuff they ain’t got no business talking about,” she says. 2


Richard D. Kahlenberg
Richard D. Kahlenberg is director of K–12 equity and senior fellow at The Century Foundation with expertise in education, civil rights, and equal opportunity.


racial discrimination exclusionary zoning housing discrimination fair housing act