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Year founded 1919
Location New York, NY United States of America United States of America
Summary The Century Foundation is a progressive, independent think tank that conducts research, develops solutions, and drives policy change to make people’s lives better. We pursue economic, racial, and gender equity in education, health care, and work, and promote U.S. foreign policy that fosters international cooperation, peace, and security.

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TCF · 4 August 2022

In April, the Syrian government announced an amnesty of its political opponents that goes further than previous pardons. The amnesty, and how Syrian officials have since presented it to foreign …

TCF · 14 July 2022

This spring, the U.S. Department of Education announced that it was discharging the federal student loans of 28,000 students who attended Marinello Beauty School. In taking such action, the department …

TCF · 7 July 2022

Joe Biden came into office vowing to be a robustly pro-worker president, and with the midterm elections approaching, “Scranton Joe” is understandably eager to convince voters that he’s delivered to …

TCF · 1 July 2022

As publicly funded preschool programming continues to grow, commitment to the creation of inclusive and equitable preschool settings remains core to ensuring students’ academic success and social enrichment.

TCF · 31 May 2022

Executive Summary As Americans’ collective federal student loan debt exceeds a trillion and a half dollars, it has captured the nation’s attention and spurred calls for forgiveness and reform. 1 …

TCF · 26 May 2022

Today, as war tests the rules-based international order, a sense of malaise permeates the globe. In countries from Europe to North America to the Middle East and beyond, the general …

TCF · 24 May 2022

Now, more than two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, workers, academics, and policymakers alike are still figuring out its full implications on the …

TCF · 24 May 2022

A growing cross section of societies around the world has taken to the streets in the past few years to challenge systemic injustices, from corruption to a lack of basic …

TCF · 23 May 2022

The military has been the backbone of Syria’s government for most of the country’s history. The civil war that broke out in 2011 has only increased the importance of the …

TCF · 19 May 2022

Police forces are a popular research subject in anthropology, sociology, and other related disciplines. Using participant observation—the methodology of ethnography—scholars have sought to understand the motives, mores, cultural practices, and …

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