Iraq (Arabic: ٱلْعِرَاق‎, al-ʿIrāq; Kurdish: عێراق‎ Êraq), officially the Republic of Iraq (Arabic: جُمْهُورِيَّة ٱلْعِرَاق‎ Jumhūriīyah al-ʿIrāq; Kurdish: کۆماری عێراق‎ Komarî Êraq), is a country in Western Asia, bordered by Turkey to the north, Iran to the east, Kuwait to the southeast, Saudi Arabia to the south, Jordan to the southwest and Syria to the west. The capital and largest city is Baghdad. Iraq is home to diverse ethnic groups, including constitutionally recognized Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Chaldeans and Assyrians, as well as other ethnic and ethnoreligious groups like: Yazidis, Shabakis, Armenians, Mandaeans, Circassians, Sabians and Kawliya. Around 99% of the …



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Kruglanski and Joel Singer SYNOPSIS The ongoing Gaza war between Israel and Hamas is but the latest round in the tragic, and increasingly horrific struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that …

When new Arab countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Jordan were being carved out of the collapsing of Egypt, The Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, who, in support

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19 June 2024 REFUGEES PROTECTED IN AUSTRALIA AT 7-YEAR HIGH, UNHCR DATA SHOWS The number of refugees granted protection or resettlement in Australia in 2023 reached its second highest level …

25 Latvia - 12,013 5 12,018 41 6.490 9 293.60 22 Iraq 10,374 - 15 10,389 42 0.230 53 39.30 47 Türkiye Myanmar 8,484 Kazakhstan 148 Somalia 6,931 Vietnam 143 Iraq 6,030 Cuba 141 Sudan 3,873 Haiti 124 Ethiopia 2 15 Latvia 12,018 41 - 12,018 41 6.50 10 0.16 10 Iraq 10,389 42 - 10,389 42 0.20 58 0.00 63 Türkiye 9 Armenia 142,711 - 142,711 36 51.30 2 7,314.76 11 Iraq 139,750 - 139,750 37 3.10 62 529.00 44 Brazil 137 298,296 - 298,296 23 5.05 58 145.50 90 146,922 11 Iraq 286,480 - 286,480 24 6.44 51 1,084.40 42 12,586

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the territory of Iran itself, but Iran's proxies in the region – Hezbollah, the Shiite militias in Iraq, and the Houthi regime in Yemen – also took part in the operation. [...] The main target of the Iranian

Iran responded by striking an American base in Iraq with ballistic missiles, risking war with the US in the region – Hezbollah, the Shiite militias in Iraq, and the Houthi regime in Yemen – also took part officer, 30 of the suicide drones were launched from Iraq and another three from Yemen. To this must be added Israel of which 228 were suicide drones from Iran, Iraq, and Yemen, as well as at least 111 ballistic missiles so it is likely that they took off from western Iraq, and their flight time was about one hour. This

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Upholding these laws is crucial First, using water as a weapon disproportio- to maintaining a minimum standard of nately affects the most vulnerable populati- humanity in warfare and preventing ons, …

provided. Israeli authorities in Ukraine and in Iraq. In Gaza, in order to dest- have reportedly obstructed

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Since 2016, the global edition of the Sustainable Development Report (SDR) has provided the most up-to-date data to track and rank the performance of all UN member states on the …

64.9 106 Nicaragua 64.7 107 Bangladesh 64.3 108 Iraq 64.2 109 India 64.0 110 Lebanon 63.9 111 Kuwait

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The Global Trends report provides key statistical trends on forced displacement. It includes the latest official statistics on refugees, asylum-seekers, internally displaced and stateless people, as well as the number …

million), Syria (705,800), Afghanistan (255,100) and Iraq (146,500) at end-year. Figure 9 | Refugees, people

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Afghanistan in 2021 as part of an “exit” deal with the Taliban and maintaining minimum forces in both Iraq and Syria to counter the Islamic State (ISIS or Daesh in Arabic), signalling the end of the “war on

the Taliban and maintaining minimum forces in both Iraq and Syria to counter the Islamic State (ISIS or which was at its territorial and ideological peak in Iraq and Syria under Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, has not meant minimal but visible military deployment in both Iraq and Syria as part of its anti-ISIS mission. But

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Testimony presented before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on June 13, 2024.

surged to around 6 percent of GDP in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, for example.21 Russia has ratcheted otherwise have little 21 Lee Hudson Teslik, “Iraq, Afghanistan, and the U.S. Economy,” Council on

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The second formative decision is to define the relationship between the overthrow of Hamas rule and the release of the hostages. [...] The messaging of the government and the coalition …

expedite the withdrawal of the United States from Iraq and southern Syria, which will increase Iran's freedom

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Selected Issues

distortions. In the case of Congo (Melina et al 2019) and Iraq (Melina and Cantelmo 2019), depending on the magnitude

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