Higher Education

Higher education is tertiary education leading to award of an academic degree. Higher education, also called post-secondary education, third-level or tertiary education, is an optional final stage of formal learning that occurs after completion of secondary education. It represents levels 6, 7 and 8 of the 2011 version of the International Standard Classification of Education structure. Tertiary education at a non-degree level is sometimes referred to as further education or continuing education as distinct from higher education.

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Iran: Stop destruction of mass grave site and allow dignified burials of …

Amnesty International · 29 April 2021 English

Iranian authorities are banning members of the persecuted Baha’i minority from burying their loved ones in empty plots at a cemetery near Tehran that they have used for decades, instead …

in the public sector, denial of access to higher education, and hate speech campaigns on state media

How Might State Responses to the Pandemic Affect the Safety Net?

Urban Institute · 29 April 2021 English

This report examines how the pandemic and related economic downturn affected the need for safety net supports; actions states are taking to mitigate the immense hardship the pandemic has caused; …

educational support for K–12 schools and higher education institutions.f H O W M I G H T S T A

Evidence to Combat Biden’s Education Spending Onslaught

Cato Institute · 29 April 2021 English

them. “Free” College Nothing is free. Someone has to pay. And if we have learned anything in higher education it is that when students pay with someone else’s money, especially taxpayer dollars, it is a recipe

to pay. And if we have learned anything in higher education it is that when students pay with someone https://www.aei.org/research-products/report/higher-education-rankings-no-countrys-system-best/ 30/04/2021 Freedom, Early Childhood, Federalism, General, Higher Education, Public Schools https://www.timeshighereducation https://www.cato.org/general https://www.cato.org/higher-education https://www.cato.org/public-schools

How Might State Medicaid and Other Health Programs Be Affected in the …

Urban Institute · 29 April 2021 English

Effects have been different across population groups as well, with low-wage and service industry workers and communities of color experiencing higher unemployment, morbidity, and mortality rates during

additional support for K–12 schools and higher education institutions.g  The bill’s health care

Ireland’s free-college experiment: Lessons and warnings for US policymakers

AEI · 28 April 2021 English

college in the 1990s but still faces challenges related to equity, access, and financing in its higher-education system.

time undergraduates to expand access to higher education and address social inequalities (although well-educated workers than of investment in higher education. There is also evidence that the free-fees constraining growth in resources for Ireland’s higher education system, a dynamic that they argue has affected increase access and maintain quality in the higher education system. 2 Ireland’s Free-College Experiment histories of substantial public contribution to higher education.1 Countries that have not made such finan-

Participatory Research in Prisons

Urban Institute · 27 April 2021 English

Although prisons are among the largest public institutions in the United States, research on life inside them, informed by people experiencing incarceration, is distinctly absent. What public knowledge exists about …

Roberts, Smart, and Upegui (2003) studied higher education programs in prison. A team of outside researchers meaningful policy analyses of the impacts of higher education in prison. Using a different model, Black

Eight Truths about Savings and Four Principles for Inclusion

The Aspen Institute · 26 April 2021 English

Savings is the most common and, often, most effective tool that households can use to manage the unexpected and maintain a baseline level of financial security. Lack of savings, on …

healthcare, childcare, rent, vehicles, homes, and higher education—have grown rapidly. At the same time, both criminal justice system fines and fees).19 Higher education provides a perfect example of how these forces STATE, AND LOCAL GOVERNMENTS K-12 AND HIGHER EDUCATION EMPLOYERS HEALTH INSURERS AND CARE PROVIDERS

Addressing Gender Barriers to Entrepreneurship and Leadership among Girls and Young Women …

UNDP · 25 April 2021 English

This report analyses how girls’ and young women’s capacity and agency for entrepreneurship and leadership are shaped by their household, community, and wider ecosystem as they move from adolescence into …

and mentorship through education I pursue higher education. Earning a degree helps me in my professional adequate financial resources to complete my higher education/ skill development Financial stress can then were unemployed, her parents felt that higher education was not a good investment. She agrees, and higher socio-economic status, and those with higher education qualifications. This means that those from

Papua New Guinea: Health in crisis: Amnesty International submission for the UN …

Amnesty International · 23 April 2021 English

This submission was prepared for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in November 2021. Key ongoing concerns including gender based violence, intercommunal violence, climate crisis and …

gender equality, including active promotion of higher education for women and improving the number of women women E51 Right to education - General E55 higher education F14 Participation of women in political

Chile: 2021 Article IV Consultation-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the …

IMF · 23 April 2021 English

The Chilean economy has been hit by the pandemic while recovering from the social unrest in late 2019, requiring substantial adjustment of economic policies and the appropriate use of existing …

has been significantly expanding access to higher education over past decades. Now efforts need to be

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