EDSK is an independent non-partisan ‘think tank’ that designs new and better ways of giving every learner the chance to succeed. In case you hadn’t spotted it, EDSK is short for ‘Education and Skills’. We are a not-for-profit organisation. No dividends and no shareholders – it’s just us investing as much time, money and effort as we can into our work. Needless to say, ‘learners’ is a very broad term. Primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, apprenticeship providers and universities are all educating people of different ages and abilities, each of whom come with their own goals and aspirations. Our main focus is publishing reports that describe the barriers we think are preventing learners from reaching their full potential as well as discussing how these issues should be resolved – either by government or by those institutions such as schools, colleges and universities who support learners every day. Whichever topic or policy area we are investigating, our priority is always to produce better outcomes for learners while also ensuring that the greatest support is given to the most disadvantaged members of society. Writing these reports is never easy, and is sometimes controversial. We’re ok with that. Ultimately, we believe that the more thoughtful and sensible ideas that think tanks like us create, the better our education and skills system will become. Change is never a quick process, but the prize is worth chasing all the same.
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