A school is an educational institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students (or "pupils") under the direction of teachers. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is sometimes compulsory. In these systems, students progress through a series of schools. The names for these schools vary by country (discussed in the Regional section below) but generally include primary school for young children and secondary school for teenagers who have completed primary education. An institution where higher education is taught, is commonly called a university college or university. In addition to these core schools, …

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WRI · 10 December 2021 English

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) face a substantial investment gap in their work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to …

environmental education initiatives with local schools. Source: IDB (2017b). tive than repairing damaged

Economic Policy Institute · 5 December 2021 English

over a decade, EPI has documented the significant pay penalty that teachers in our country’s K-12 schools suffer as a result of woeful underinvestment in public education. But it is not just teachers who to serve in public schools. Paraprofessionals, classroom assistants, administrative assistants, custodians, food service workers, bus drivers, and other nonlicensed staff in schools typically receive low

pay penalty that teachers in our country’s K-12 schools suffer as a result of woeful underinvestment in a result of their decision to serve in public schools. Paraprofessionals, classroom assistants, administrative workers, bus drivers, and other nonlicensed staff in schools typically receive low pay and inadequate hours all school employees in both public and private schools not employed in “instructional, research, or principal secondary school staff in the summer of 2020. Those schools employed approximately 99,757 noninstructional

Urban Institute · 1 December 2021

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder, scrutiny of police officers—including those in schools—has increased. Social science research has shown that school mental health staff members contribute more 2013–14 (when 67 percent of high schools and 45 percent of middle schools had a police officer).The four states with the highest shares of high school students in schools with police officers are Virginia students in schools with social workers are Rhode Island (92 percent), New Jersey (89 percent), Connecticut (89 percent), and Maine (79 percent).Sixty-two percent of students in high schools that are 20

World Bank Group · 1 December 2021

disabilities have improved their situation in terms of statistical visibility, poverty reduction, access to schools, and increased recognition and participation in public and private spaces. Yet, they are more likely

UNISDR · 26 November 2021 Spanish

La eva- Gestión de riesgos La exposición se define como la pobla- luación de las capacidades es un término La gestión de riesgo de desastres es la ción, las propiedades, … Hygiene Standards for Schools in Low- tions/35274 cost Settings. Geneva, World of Safer World Health Organization. http://www. Schools. London, Arup International for Sa- ISDR Thematic Platform for Knowledge fer Schools. Guidance note. The World and Education, United ment/collections/school-building-de- for Safe Schools. https://s3.amazonaws. Guidelines for Assessing Grimaz, S., Malisan, P. and Zorzini, F. century-schools/census fault/files/WASH%20 Guidelines.pdf 2016

UNISDR · 25 November 2021 English

UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction FOCUS ON PREVENTION Increasing SME Uptake of Disaster Risk Reduction: Recommendations for Policymakers, Financiers and the Broader Business Community Acknowledgements Disclaimer This analysis report …

also included the development of farmer field schools, in which smallholders shared knowledge on different

ECPAT · 24 November 2021 English

In 2021, official data among other things, the resignation of a president, shows that 66.7% of children not in school from the a closure of the parliament and a presidential …

by the government were not available attending schools were the lack of financial means in their local exploitation and abuse for children; violence in schools) committed by both peers and how national systems

Cato Institute · 22 November 2021

private school enrollment survey, which among other things indicated that majorities or pluralities of schools—depending on how pre‑K students were handled—saw enrollment increases between last school year and consistent with our findings.Last week, The Economist reported on enrollment increases in Roman Catholic schools, which appeared to be hardest‐​hit sector during the pandemic, and are the largest private‐​schooling first time in a decade or more. Nearly 60% of its schools are growing, with many increasing by 10%. Partnership Schools, a network of Catholic schools in New York City and in Cleveland, saw a 16% increase

World Bank Group · 19 November 2021

matter they are teaching? Can doctors accurately diagnose and treat critical health conditions? Are schools and health facilities sufficiently stocked with needed equipment and supplies? Are they sufficiently these questions. The surveys aim to measure the quality of services where they meet citizens: in schools and health facilities. The Quality of Health and Education Systems Across Africa: Evidence from a light on how service delivery may foster or stunt human capital accumulation. SDI surveys show that schools and health clinics across Africa are still falling short in some critical areas. The delivery of

ECPAT · 18 November 2021 English

In recent years, important achievements have been made in the areas of prevention, legislative protection, child participation and research, as well as collaboration with private companies in the travel and …

teaching staff nor psycho-social support services in schools were attentive to changes in children’s behaviours safeguarding concerns, but in the best cases, schools can represent useful support systems for children two frontline workers mentioned the fact that schools and teachers are sometimes the facilitators of in Mexico “The cover-up that they carry out in schools, by directors and teachers; since if they find boys were solicited by teachers at school. “In schools, they [the boys] have suffered solicitation by

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