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Protecting human health against climate change in Africa

24 May 2022


oThere is growing change and health in a coordinated and evidence from reports of the United Nations harmonious manner for the whole of Framework Convention on Climate Change Africa to address urgent actions on climate (UNFCCCu) andn the Intergovernmental Panel change adaptation and mitigation and to on Climate Change (IPCC) that climate change raise the visibility of human health as major is havi. [...] To idenutify and prioritise existing Main findings of the NASAC reportknowledge gaps with respect to the risks to health and to promote research to fill • The African continent is the most the knowledge gaps and find solutions for vulnerable to the adverse health effects of the following questions: climate change (a) What are the levels of risks? The vulnerability of the African continent to (b) W. [...] NASAC Climate change and health in Africa | April 2022 | 3 undertaken by the Ministry of Health, the and who can play important roles in health component of climate change is the field and lead climate science in the either missing or incomplete. [...] While adaptation measures the public agenda and bring the issue provide immnediate relief from the adverse to the attention of policy-makers and effects of climate change, eventually these implementers.adversue effects overcome the adaptation • Simplify climate change science including measures and necessitate mitigation adaptation and mitigation measures to measures to reduce the carbon sink. [...] It also illustrates howr the impacts of climate change are interrelated: rising temperature melted the ice caps, changing the topology of the land and affecting the lives and livelihoods of the local communities.