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ECO - TIME TO BREAK OUR OLD HABITS - EU Must “Walk the Talk” on Climate Action

7 June 2022


ambition levels of the ETS, ESR and LULUCF to just about reach In the EU the negotiations on key climate files of the Fit net emission cuts of -55% by 2030, ignoring the potential to go For 55 package, launched by the European Commission in July beyond in light of the “at least” prefix of the overall target. [...] Particularly in light of the ongoing invasion of To increase overall climate ambition, the European Ukraine by Russia and the increased urgency to accelerate the Parliament can strengthen the ambition level of the Commission shift away from fossil fuel dependency, a strong EU climate policy proposals of each of these files. [...] It is the first week of the negotiations, by the end of the Indigenous Peoples have an important role to play and serve to second week Parties should make substantial progress on these maintain the balance between nature and the needs of all life. [...] It was odd to observe how the Bonn (WCCB), ECO enjoyed the bright the floor to express the need to not United States felt tired about the idea sunshine and happily greeted old and restrict the time and number of sessions of spending more hours on adaptation new UNFCCC friends, while patiently dedicated to discussions on adaptation, while shining a brighter light on the waiting for its SB56 badge. [...] We demand that all Parties fight to secure the rightful place of is the opposite of what we call climate justice! L&D on the formal agenda! ECO has noted that some countries in the Global North have Second, the operationalisation of the Santiago Network on Loss and recognized the problem.